Today sitting in the Public Safety classroom we had the privilege of interviewing Mr. Mike Casey. He shared with us his homelife, favorite things, and love for teaching. He told us about his family and ride through college. 

Mr.Casey had lost his beloved wife of 30 years this past january. He told us that the past couple months have been hard but the unconditional love from everyone around him has helped more than they know.  “One of the things that helped me through was the love from my colt family”, he says. Mr. Casey also has a son named Sean who is 22 years old. 

Mr. Casey loves anything and everything outdoors.  He enjoys hiking, fishing, and spending time at his place in White Lake, NC. Despite his love for law enforcement, Mr. Casey enjoys watching reality tv shows. Along with his favorite movies The Green Mile and ShawShank Redemption.  When asked his favorite food Mr. Casey says, “anything but brussel sprouts.” 

Mr. Casey graduated from Westforsyth High School outside of Winston Salem, NC in 1984.  He then went to North Carolina State University for biology. When he soon lost interest in biology he was looking for something else that he might enjoy. Fairly soon after looking he found he really enjoyed law enforcement. That led him to go to college for 4 years, graduating in 1988. 

Once graduating from college he moved on to work into law enforcement. He proceeded law enforcement for 30 years then he then moved on to teaching at Cape Fear. 

Mr.Casey started off as a school coordinator, but he soon moved on to being a substitute teacher. He enjoyed that and took up an offer. From there Mr.Edkins, CF’s previous principal, had wanted him to take an interview to become the public safety teacher he is now. Since he was in law enforcement for 30 years he grew a passion and appreciation for public safety which he wanted to share with his students. “I just wanted to share my life experiences to help students grow and learn.” 

Mr. Casey believes public safety helps shape his students by how it gives them a different outlook on life.  It also gives them a different career path they may have not been looking into or interested in. 

When it comes to online school he said that he hates it. He didn’t like online school and wouldn’t be fond of it if we went back.  Mr. Casey loves his students and the relationships you form in the classroom. He said “You can make a better connection with the kids when you’re actually here teaching, it helps them learn better.” He values being able to have the kids get the best learning experience they can, and will help in any way that he can. 

Mr. Casey is an outstanding teacher and impacts his students in the best way possible. Congrats on being Teacher of the Week Mr. Casey. Well deserved!!