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The Student Government Association (SGA) is a club at Cape Fear that is based around helping the community and the school. They get involved in service projects outside of school and also hold different drives or projects here at school to get students involved. School wide events such as the homecoming activities are also planned out by the SGA to make school fun and exciting for everyone.

Who is in the SGA

For the Sophomore class, the president is Mason Hancock, vice president is Caroline Hales, secretary is Ainsley Spell, and the treasurer is Ashton Horne. 

For the junior class, the president is Taylore Woodard, vice president is Jadalynn Johnson, secretary is Favor Murtala, and the treasurer is Cameron Graham. 

The senior class has Gray Murphy as the president, Emily Grace Raynor as the vice president, Cameron Hales as the secretary, and Kendall Simpson as the treasurer. 

Lastly Sarah Black is the executive council president, Miranda Lee is the executive council vice president, Ella Brittan is the executive council secretary, Ashton Phillips is the executive treasurer and Genna Horne is the executive council historian.

There are also many other students who make up SGA as representatives of their class.

What is the SGA planning

The SGA is planning a bunch of different school wide activities and different things to help out the community. They normally plan the homecoming dance, spirit week, and the powderpuff game, but this year they have also taken on more community service projects. One of the projects that they are focusing on this year is Victory Junction. Victory Junction is a camp for children with special needs and disabilities that prohibit them from being able to really go to a summer camp. Each year every SGA in the state somehow contributes to the same charity as one of their yearly projects. This year Victory Junction is that charity. 

The PowderPuff game is a school wide event that will be partnered with a service project this year. The money from the tickets sold for the game will be going to the Light the Night campaign, which is for leukemia and lymphoma society. “I love being involved in different community service projects,” Sarah Black explained, “I think something that everyone can do is give back to the community.” 

Why is SGA important

Joining the SGA helps you gain a lot of different skills. It can help you gain better communication skills, help you be more professional, and gives you opportunities to develop better leadership skills. 

“I strongly suggest everybody does SGA at some point,” Mrs. Lee, the SGA sponsor, said. 

If there’s something that the student body wants to see or they have a problem with, the SGA is normally who you should go to with your suggestions or recommendations. Some of the SGA members even go to school board meetings to talk about problems and suggestions that people have in Cape Fear. 

The student government works hard to try and make our school and community a better place for everyone.