Molly Williams CFNN Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for Cape Fear students and staff. Last week was homecoming week here at Cape Fear High School. Mrs. Jackie Johnson’s work in organizing homecoming activities with the help of her SGA class since July has finally come to fruition. The stress accompanying last week was relieved when the pep rally and football game on Friday went off without a hitch.

Cape Fear held their annual homecoming pep rally during fourth period on Friday, October 11th. This is when all the students at school would see the floats prepared by each grade level. The theme for the floats this year was “Early Byrd Special.” 

Seniors Amber Autry and Sarah Grace in their superhero costumes and Junior Claire Sutton’s depiction of an elderly lady.

The requirements for each float was to display the theme for the year, show both the Colts and the Douglas Byrd Eagles, the class displayed (ex. Class of 2020- Seniors), originality of the skit, and the overall appearance of the float. You can read more about these floats in “Float On” written by CFNN reporter Elli Chew. 

The members of the court looked sharp riding around the track in their convertibles. 

Pre-calculus and Calculus teacher, Mrs. Hancock, got the show on the road, repping her “Teacher of the Year” title. Following her was reigning “Miss Cape Fear” Elizabeth Buffaloe. Behind Buffaloe were the members of the court, each couple in a different car. After court, FFA and Fear Factor displayed their floats. Lastly, each class, in order from the freshmen to the seniors, performed their hoco skits to the school. 

Chase “The Jock” Dawkins and Emilie Allen

Each female member of the court was paired up with a male. In their cars, one by one, they pulled up to the 50 yard line, had their door opened up for them, and stepped out. As they rode to their stopping point, the announcer gave some quick information about them, such as who their parents are, what they’re involved in at school, out of school activities, and whatever else they wanted the school to know about them. 

“It was really nerve-racking but also very exciting riding around in front of the whole school. I didn’t want to mess anything up, but it was exciting seeing everyone out there supporting us,” said Sarah Grace, a member of the court. 

Sarah’s court partner Nick Aime said, “I also felt really nervous, but it was pretty fun. It was nice having Sarah with me. I’m glad Coach Grates didn’t make any jokes about me when talking about me.” 

That night at the homecoming game, every court member looked great in their formal wear. 

Cameron Milroy filling in for Mark Burks and Laila Payton

Due to playing football, or other commitments, many boys on the court weren’t able to ride around in the parade that night. Members including James Sealey, Nick Minacapelli, Mark Burks, Dallas Wilson, Lucas Daw, and Taiquian Gamble were filled in by male SGA members. 

During the announcements of the members, tension was high in the stands and for the members of the court. 

The crowd cheered for second runner ups, Laila Payton and Chase Dawkins. Again for first runner ups, Aniyah Hair, and Taiquan Gamble. The stands roared when the 2019 Homecoming King and Queen, Mark Burks and Marlie Horne, were announced. 

Marlie Horne preparing to be coronated

“It was really humbling to win, I wasn’t expecting it at all, especially given the other members of the court. I’d just like to thank everyone who voted for me and also congratulate everyone else who made court.” said Homecoming Queen, Marlie Horne. 

To read about the homecoming football game where the Cape Fear Colts blew the Douglas Byrd Eagles out of the water, check out CFNN reporter Walker Brittain’s article, “Colts Bring Home the Victory.”