Elli Chew CFNN Reporter

With this year’s homecoming game against Douglas Byrd High School, the float theme was “The Early Bird Special.”

Each class is required to create a float, a skit, and perform it. But most importantly, express their colt pride.

Freshmen stand together on their float for a group picture.

The freshmen, who finished as second runner up, performed a skit in the Cape Fear High School trophy vault.

 In the skit our Cape Fear Colts talk about the game and how they will beat the Douglas Byrd Eagles. Once they have finished talking, they decide to go and get lunch. While they are away, the Douglas Byrd Eagles sneak into the Colts trophy vault to steal the golden football, so they can win the game tonight. As they go to grab the golden football our Cape Fear Colts interrupt them and move to take it back.

It is then decided that their will be a three-part competition to decide who gets the golden football. With the Colts winning two-out-of- three, we keep the golden football and have a victory dance to celebrate. Overall, the skit was met with high energy and a positive attitude.

Three sophomore girls dance during their skit.

The sophomores, who were third runner up, performed a skit based on an airplane called “Early Byrd Airline.”

 In the skit a Cape Fear Colt and a Douglas Byrd Eagle get into a confrontation about a plane seat have a dance battle to see who gets the seat. In the end the Douglas Byrd Eagle forfeits the seat to the Colt and the plane finally takes off. It seemed that the content of the skit was in poor taste, which explains why they finished last. If the floats were all airlines, though, the Sophomore Float would definitely be “Spirit” Airlines. 

The Juniors stand together for a group photo on their float.

The juniors took the overall win with skit that was set in a restaurant. 

In the skit, Principal Edkins, Coach Thomas and two football players come in to have the “Early Byrd Special.” Once the eagle is presented the administration and players kidnap him and take him away to show how they take care of business. After they leave with the eagle, Colt fans come to the restaurant and try to order the special, but are told that Principal Edkins carried him out over his shoulder. After hearing of the misfortune, Grandma says that they’ve got to have faith and departs. Later, Grandma calls and gives them good news and the eagle is brought back to the restaurant. They end the skit with a dance number. It was a good skit, but at the same time it was a very safe performance, as the juniors seemed to show great colt pride with their simplest float yet. 

Seniors dance during their skit.

The seniors won first runner up and performed a skit where they were trying to decide what skit to perform.

In the skit three students discuss what skit they want to perform on their float, one student mentions doing something and it goes off into a vision like thing the  “Voice” skit where the Colts go against the Eagles and win. Another student mentions doing a Superhero themed skit where the Evil Eagle kidnaps the Colt horse themed “Superheroes.” They eventually break free and overthrow the Evil Eagle. The final student suggested creating a TikTok themed skit where they all dance to TikTok songs and perform the dances for them. In the end, they decided to do all three. Overall, the skit showed creativity and enthusiasm in their performance.

All of the floats exhibited hard work, creativity, and unison in performing their skits. Each float had a different a concept as well, illustrating the contrast of the classes’ mindsets. The freshmen with the trophy vault, the sophomores with the Early Byrd Airline, the juniors with the restaurant, and the seniors with their vision for the float. We look forward to many more exciting homecoming skits and ideas.