The Team poses for a picture as their historic season comes to a close.

Curtis Coleman, CFNN Tennis Reporter

Monday night marked the end of an amazing season for the Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Team. They lost to New Hanover, a high school in Wilmington, ending their historic season, but landing them in the Elite 8 teams in the entire state.

Coach Lucas and Freshman sensation Brooke Bienek

From Daija Rucker’s 18-1 season to beating high school rival Terry Sanford, this season has been one of epic proportions, and it is safe to say that everyone in the Cape Fear community is very proud of their performance. 

For Coach Lucas, his favorite moments of this season were beating teams like J.H. Rose and Terry Sanford, where everyone’s true ability shined on the court.

Brooke poses with the NCHSAA Championship Banner before her match at the State Finals.

“…To come out and beat them where you see all the practice, and the hard work, and the strategy pay off is amazing,”  said. Coach Lucas. 

For senior Captain Arianna Darden, the best moment of the season was the immense amount of anticipation the whole team felt before going into the doubles matches against Terry Sanford that would determine the winner of the match. 

Throughout the season, the team has been on their A-game. The team did such and outstanding job that, until New Hanover, they aced through a 13 game win streak, including wins against Terry Sanford, J.H. Rose, and Pine Forest.

Even though the season has ended, Coach Lucas and everyone on the team set their sights to next season, with even bigger aspirations and goals to reach.

“…I wish them [everyone on the team who isn’t a senior] the very best on their off season, and I know they will dominate next year,” said Arianna Darden. “We made so much history this season and I am proud to be the captain of such an inspiring story.”

Although this has been repeated a million times here at Cape Fear News Network, we are so incredibly proud of the Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Team for the legendary season they enjoyed, and we cannot wait to see what history they make next year!