Lakin Williams CFNN Reporter

You could hear a pin drop in the art room last Friday, or rather, for that matter, you could hear a toothpick drop. It’s not often that a class of 35 students is so quiet. On this day, the focus in the room was evident. Students sat at their tables, totally engrossed in their activity.

For the past two weeks, Mr. Lucchino’s art class has been working on their 100 tooth-pick sculpture project.

The projects varied tremendously. A student who loved video games made a Playstation controller. Another student made a shoe. One student even made a dollar bill. One project, however, stood out from the rest.

Martin shows off her progress.

“My project is to make a cricket piano,” said Mckayla Martin. “I was inspired by my grandma. She always pushed me to play piano and the anniversary of her death is coming up. I’ve just been thinking about her a lot recently so I wanted to do it for her.”

This project meant a lot to Martin so she decided to go above and beyond. 

“It has to be at least a hundred toothpicks and I, for some reason, chose to use about a thousand.”

Martin faced some obstacles along the way but quickly overcame them. 

“The more challenging part was creating the 1-D dimensional picture to turn it into something 3-D.  Once I got the structure down is when things started to get pretty easy.” 

One thing Martin definitely had trouble with was the hot glue gun. 

“I’ve burnt myself about 10 times now because it keeps seeping through the toothpicks. I accidentally glued my hair to my face last week.”

One thing was very clear: this project has helped her more than she ever thought possible.

 “I have really bad anxiety and art class is very soothing. There’s not much stress going on which helps my stress levels a lot. It’s very therapeutic.”

In the words of James Charles, she has Unleashed her Inner Artist.