Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Here at Cape Fear High School, it is a requirement to learn “Hands Only” CPR in order to graduate. Students learn this during their freshman year in Health and Physical Education. During this class they learn how to perform Hands-Only CPR and the importance of knowing how to use it.

Coach Kee, one of the instructors teaching the class, believes that learning CPR is important for students to learn.

Coach Kee, one of Cape Fear’s
Health and P.E. teachers.

He says that young people are always around their peers, at events, and most importantly around their family. So knowing CPR gives them the opportunity to assist in lifesaving measures if the need ever arises.

“I surely do,” says Coach Kee after being asked if he thinks that learning CPR should be a requirement. He believes that anybody can help someone in need. They can help someone live a little longer, or just increase a chance for life. “It should all be required for that,” Kee says.

He believes that anybody can learn CPR. The course teaches a very simplistic approach to basic lifesaving, and as long as you are physically able, after a few practices, most people can learn in just a few days.

During the first few days of class, students are taught and shown all the steps to perform before and during CPR. 

They are then given the chance to practice in front of the class with the CPR dummies provided. This simulates what they would actually be doing incase a situation requires them to perform all the steps they’ve learned.  

A student practices on a CPR dummy.

Other students also agree with the teachings of CPR. One of them being Justen Lukas.

“Learning CPR is important to me. One day I might have a family that might need it in the future. It’s important to me to know how to help them if there is ever a time when they need it,” Lukas states.

Other students believe in the importance as well. “I have a lot of people in my life that have heart problems, it runs in the family,” says Sierra Wharton.

Even though Sierra has never had to perform CPR, she’s glad that she has learned it and now knows how to perform it. She believes that learning CPR is important, so if someone ever has an issue and is in need of help, you know what to do. 

Over all, Hands Only CPR is important for everyone to learn. Cape Fear High School teaches a simplistic approach to it, and anybody can learn it. We are around people all the time. At school, at the store, and especially around loved ones at home.

While we are around them, there can come a time where we need to jump into action and perform CPR. It is vitally important that we are taught all the steps to take when saving a life.