Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Most people and students may not know that there is an Art Club at CFHS. While at a meeting, students are allowed to draw, paint, and create any other art projects they wish. Students are also allowed to talk and interact with friends while working on their own art. It’s a good place to relax and create art.

Cups of paint brushes available to
the Art Club.

John Lucchino, an art teacher at CFHS, was the one who started the Art Club. Mr. Lucchino says that his students are what inspired him to create it. “They wanted a place to be able to meet and be around people like themselves, so they kinda came to me,” Mr. Lucchino says. It was after Mr. Lucchino’s students approached him with the idea that he actually started up the club. 

Mr. Lucchino hopes that students that don’t normally have the time or space to create their art at home can come to the Art Club. While there, students are provided with a variety of different art supplies and equipment that they are free to use. If they have sketchbooks or other supplies they want to bring, they are free to. 

“Sometimes our students can’t go home to a nice place to actually work on their art,” Mr. Lucchino says. “They don’t have space, they may not have the equipment. So what I’m doing is giving them a chance to just come in and find the time and space to do the things that they hoped they could do.”

The Art Club is like an “Open Studio” for young artists to come to. Students come and get to choose what they want to create each week they attend the club. Whether it’s drawing, painting, or other art projects, they get to choose what they enjoy doing.

Art Club students at a meeting.

Many students in Art Club like to draw characters from their favorite shows or fandoms. It’s not uncommon to find others trying to create their own original characters as well. The Art Club is a great place to find other students with similar interests as you, as well as getting to share your different thoughts and ideas for different art projects with them. 

Anyone can join Art Club if they want. Meetings are held on Tuesdays after school in Mr. Lucchino’s classroom, room 129, from 4 pm to 5:30 pm. As of right now, there is no fee for the club, so anyone can come in and sign up!

All you need to do to sign up is talk to Mr. Lucchino in his classroom. Art Club is a good place for those who are passionate about art. It’s a place where you can be surrounded by other students with the same interests and passions as you, as well as having access to different art supplies and equipment. 

If art is something you love doing or are interested in, you should definitely consider joining the club!