Mrs. Emily Freeman, the teacher of Entrepreneurship at Cape Fear.

Christian Tuminski, CFNN Editor/Reporter

The School Store – school supplies, jackets, hoodies, shirts and anything Cape Fear-related: this is the place to get it, but there are some questions we all have. How did it start and what exactly does it offer to the students of Cape Fear High school?

The School Store began in 2016, courtesy of Mrs. Emily Freeman. The most important reason for its foundation was simple: if an entrepreneurship class was to be offered, why not let kids get some real experience, and sell some awesome Cape Fear merch at the same time?

Thus, the School Store was born. But knick-knacks and hoodies aren’t the only things sold here! A quick glance during lunch will show you that you can get anything from new earbuds to a new notebook if you visit the school store. 

Vital school supplies such as colored pencils, gluesticks, pencils, papers, etc. are sold at rock-bottom prices. Cut out the middleman; you don’t need to go to Dollar General for something simple anymore. We’ve got it right here at school!

Now for another important question: what does it offer? “This is a true-to-life situation, incorporating teamwork, responsibilities, management, and tangible results using business, advertising, and accounting skills,” said Freeman.

In other words, there’s really no downside; you get free business experience in a legitimate work environment. That’ll look good on a resume, right? It sure can’t hurt you to say you’ve got experience!

Entrepreneurship Students hard at work in the School Store!

The Entrepreneurship class certainly isn’t all about the School Store, however. Entrepreneurship I does still have a curriculum, and while working in the school store is an awesome perk and an incredible incentive, there are still several other skills they need to learn in the classroom.

“The students know they have to stay organized and develop time management skills,” said Freeman. “Next year, different courses will be offered and Entrepreneurship II students will most likely be running The School Store.”

At any rate, it’s good to see that up-and-coming Cape Fear Entrepreneurs can now take more than one Entrepreneurship class. This also means those that have already taken Entrepreneurship I can now take a second class and work in the school store again!

For some of the upcoming plans, she said, “We plan to join forces with the Booster Club this year to offer more apparel for our customers.”

From the looks, they’re really stepping up their game this year. The variety and numbers of apparel offered by the School Store has drastically increased due to their partnership with the Booster Club. They’re definitely representing Colt Pride now!

The School Store opened on Thursday, January 16th, and will be open during all lunches until the end of the semester unless special circumstances arise.

If you need a pack of paper, if you need a pack of pencils, or if you just want to grab a stylish Cape Fear beanie to fight the cold weather, the School Store has something for you, and maybe it’s something you didn’t even know you needed!