Eli Benbenek, CFNN Reporter

Pedro Pascal in his Mandalorian armor.

Chances are if you’ve been on any type of social media that over the last month or two you’ve had a run in with the objectively cute alien baby known as “Baby Yoda” that, in part, serves as the marketing for the Mandalorian, Disney Plus’s flagship series. The series concluded its first season back in December, but now that some time has passed, it’s the perfect time to give you our take on it. 

Let me start by saying that even if you have never seen a Star Wars movie in your life, you can still enjoy the Mandalorian without being confused by any of the sci-fi elements that get carried over from the clutter that is the Star Wars universe. And if you actually ARE a big Star Wars fan like me, there are still plenty of easter eggs and world building that takes place that makes the show feel unique compared to the rest of the movies. 

Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, and George Lucas.

The show owes much of its success to the two creative minds behind the scenes in renowned director Jon Favreau, who is credited with kickstarting the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars guru Dave Filoni, who has worked closely in the past with George Lucas on previous Star Wars projects. These directors do a fantastic job of adding convincing and appealing special effects and action sequences. The dialogue is witty and the plot makes the show feel like it’s an old western. 

Another big factor that added to the show’s popularity was its drip of content week by week, as opposed to the new normal method of dropping it all at once, like many shows on Netflix. This got people talking about it, and by it I mainly mean the new Baby Yoda scene of the week, for the entirety of the show’s duration. It also helps to make up for the short season, which is only made up eight episodes. 

“Baby Yoda” is one of the trademark characters.

All in all, this show is for everyone, from die hard fans to people who have never even seen Star Wars. However, if you were on the fence about getting Disney plus just for the show, I would maybe wait, or just get a free trial, as the show feels criminally short after you burn through all eight episodes. Other than that, the action, humor, and special effects are all stellar; they will leave you mad that you have to wait until the fall before the next season comes out. Overall I rate the show a 9/10, and the show is definitely worth checking out.