Aoife Russian and Laniya Bell, CFNN Reporters

Cape Fear’s Band Program is an outstanding one, in which students work diligently in order to have successful concerts and perfect their musical skills. Although all of our students are dedicated and talented, there are quite a few students want to truly put their skills to the test.

All-District Band is an opportunity for individual students to truly test their meddle in the world of music.

This program is extremely competitive. Any student that wishes to audition has to truly bring their best to the table. Despite the fact that all of these students are musically gifted and quite talented, only a token few of the students that audition get chosen. 

Mariah Harrison and Justin Munoz were among the elite few that passed the auditions and got into the program. Practicing for the auditions was particularly time consuming and required a multitude of sacrifices, whether it was academically or socially. 

Mariah Harrison

For Mariah Harrison, it was a huge impact on her social life. “It takes time out of doing things with your friends, family and going out to different places.” she said. While Mariah says that practicing interfered with both her school work and social life, Justin had a much more optimistic view, and he claimed that practicing didn’t dramatically interfere with anything going on in his life socially or academically. 

Both musicians had an excellent amount of assistance, love, and support from their peers, family, and friends, but both assured us that Mr. Williams, the band director, was an important factor in their success, helping and aiding them whenever possible.

“He made sure that I had what I needed and that I was practicing,” Mariah stated, “and he was constantly keeping tabs on me.”  Justin’s words on the matter were “Mr. Williams gave me advice on how to improve my skills for the audition.” 

Justin Munoz

However, while Justin and Mariah both had external help, both students decided that they were their own biggest motivators. While Justin didn’t doubt himself at all, Mariah expressed a large amount of self-doubt which she eventually overcame through her hard work and perseverance.

In the end, all of their hard work paid off. Both students were accepted into the program. Mariah achieved first chair for flutes, and Justin achieved second chair for saxophones.    

We here at Cape Fear News Network are extremely proud of our Colt musicians for going the extra mile and overcoming the tremendous obstacles required to get into this program. Congratulations to Mariah Harrison and Justin Munoz!