CFNN Reporter Gracie McLaurin

Have you ever had to overcome adversity? Many of us have not had to face difficult situations, but CFNN Student of the Week Jurnee Hair has. Jurnee is a freshman at Cape Fear high school this year. 

Feeling nervous and scared is normal for most teens  when they first start high school. Personally, Jurnee has had a lot of difficult feelings about starting. 

“I was very scared to start high school,” she said. “When my dad was in my life, he always said I would be nothing.” Jurnee stated. These hurtful words forever changed her.

Jurnee learned to use the hurt as motivation to push through difficult things to prove her dad wrong. When things got hard or began to seem like there wasn’t any escape, she looked for the light in the situation and used it to stay positive and find a solution.

“So far I have had straight A’s and stayed on top of all my work,” Jurnee says .“My biggest supporter is my mom. Sheś kept me going and made sure I worked very hard during school this year.”  

She was very proud of herself and worked extremely hard to get to where she is. Sheś even became a member of the A Honor Roll at Cape Fear. Jurnee knew high school was finally the time to show her father how wrong he was.  “I want to be rich, and to do that I need to get good grades and try extremely hard in school,” Jurnee recalled.

When she’s not in school, she enjoys normal things that teenagers do. She likes to spend time with friends, play sports, and make Tik Toks.

“I like to keep myself busy when I’m not in school by playing softball, hanging out with friends, and shopping,” she said. This was her way of proving to herself her dad’s hurtful words didn’t make her who she is or let her stop being who she wanted to be.

Jurnee has worked hard to accomplish everything she has done. Whether it’s softball, school, or just a bump in the road, she always pushes through and comes out on top. She has a great group of friends who always supports her in everything she does. Jurnee will continue to push hard through life and always see the brighter side in everything she does. SHe is a true example of a hard working, positive student; the perfect choice for the CFNN Student of the Week!