CFNN Reporter Mary Catherine Shook

For many of us, we need a bucket to carry a tune, but  CFNN Student Of The Week Nicholas Carter doesn’t need assistance with the vocals! Carter is a chorus-loving senior at Cape Fear High School who enjoys anything and everything about music, considering chorus as his first love. He has been a huge part of the chorus program at Cape Fear, as he has been a member for the past four years.

Nicholas has always loved music, ever since he was a little boy. ”I have always just loved the idea of music. I was always singing,” he said. 

It all started when his elementary school had a chorus class and he decided to join. During that time, he made All County Chorus one of those years. That was when he fell in love with the art. He continued singing in middle school for all three years and, once again, made All County his 8th grade year. 

Nicholas’ long time chorus teacher had a lot of good things to say about him. “Nicholas has been with me for four years. He has been a very faithful student of the chorus. A lot of people look up to him in the class. I’m so glad that he decided to stick around for as long as he has.” 

He’s built lifelong friendships and has had an amazing time spending his days in the music room. 

“So many memories are made through any music class, from the concerts, the banquets, to just going in everyday and singing the music.The best part of chorus is the community it creates, and it brings people together through the same interests.” said Carter. Chorus is a safe spot for many students at Cape Fear, not just Nicholas. 

Since Nicholas is a senior, he will be attending college in a few months.Despite his love for music, he will not be doing anything that involves chorus. He will be attending FTCC to get his general education courses complete, and then he hopes to transfer to UNC Pembroke to major in social work and minor in Spanish. 

“I chose those two because I want to be able to help children and teenagers, especially ones who are foreign, or LGBTQ+. No child should experience a horrible childhood that they can’t control.”

Carter considers himself a true advocate for students who may not feel like they fit in, or feel marginalized. His aspiration to become a social worker makes him feel like he can positively impact his community by making others feel more like a part of things. He wants everyone to experience a positive environment free from judgement.

Nicholas Carter is a great pick for student of the week. His positive attitude always proves that he is a great person to represent Cape Fear High School. Stay tuned for next week’s Student Of The Week!