Everyday women from around the world are doing what they can to create a better tomorrow. These women are often not recognized for their accomplishments, and when they are, it isn’t to the same scale that men are recognized. So, for this international Women’s Day, we are recognizing incredible women from around the world. Some of these women are commonly known and the others don’t get much recognition at all.

Malala Yousafzai, is a Pakistani activist whose focus is on women’s rights. When she was just 11 she started fighting for the right of females to have an education. She believed that children need to be respected and have the ability to learn. Her work led her to becoming the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace prize.

A group of women that have done their part in changing the world, is the U.S Women’s Soccer team. In 2016 the team began their fight for equal pay. It seemed only fitting considering , in recent years,  the women’s team has had far greater success than the mens team. Finally, they won their long fight, in 2022. This hopefully will help other women in sports receive equal pay. 

In November of 2020, Phoebe Schecter became Great Britain’s first ever NFL coach. She is 1 of only 3 women to ever coach an NFL team. Hopefully her success will inspire other women to pursue their dreams even if it is in a male dominated field

Ann Daniels and Caroline Hamilton were part of the first all female team to walk to both the North and south poles. These women endured extreme conditions on their journey, which took 3 months to complete. Even after suffering from frostbite and feeling as if their toes could fall off, they refused to give up. 

It’s important to represent what you believe in, and Halima Aden did exactly that. Halima Aden became the first woman to ever wear a Hijab while competing in the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. After competing and becoming a semi finalist, she continues to wear her Hijab as a IMG Model. By representing her culture she is showing women around the world that they don’t have to change to be beautiful. 

These are just a few influential females from the 20th century. The list of females changing the world continues on. There are so many people who are doing what they can to change the world and they deserve to be recognized for it.