As my senior year comes to an end, I’ve realized that there are a few things everyone needs to do in their last year of high school. High school can sometimes be stressful so everyone needs to take a second and enjoy everything. So here’s everything you have to do during your senior year of high school.

1. You should go to every sports game you can because it ends up being a lot of fun. At Cape Fear our biggest games are during football, basketball, or baseball season. So, if you can’t go to a bunch of games, go to at least one so you can sit in the student section with your friends. Even if you don’t like sports, you’re sure to have a good time, and when you look back you’ll be happy you went. Especially the homecoming game, because it’s unlike any other game.

2. Make sure you dress up for spirit week. Who cares if people think that it’s stupid? Soon you’ll be at college and the opinions of people in high school won’t matter. You only get a few spirit weeks, so you should try to have fun. Homecoming week should be fun, so do everything you can to get involved, dressing up and doing Powder Puff are such fun experiences. 

3. Although this may seem obvious, take time to hang out with your friends. Things happen so quickly, you often forget to take some time to have fun. Even if you just go get food, getting to talk and laugh with the people you care about, will stay with you for a long time. Taking time to spend with friends has created some of my favorite memories during high school.

4. Don’t let petty people ruin things for you. There is always going to be someone who tries to hurt you, they lie, they cheat, and do anything they can to make your life miserable. Ignore them. I know it’s hard but they don’t matter. These people who are so desperate to hurt you often have issues with themselves that they are projecting onto you. Anytime this happens, just remember that these people are insecure and that not your problem, it’s theirs. 

5. Understand that friendships change, and that’s ok. People are constantly changing and so are friendships, there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s natural for people to change. So, don’t be too upset when the people you used to know are nothing like they are now, it has nothing to do with you. Just realize that people are often forced to change because everything around them will be changing soon.

6. During Prom, a bunch of people left before people really started to get there. They claimed it was boring but didn’t give it a chance. Don’t leave prom without letting loose and having fun. Everyone needs to dance so don’t be afraid to ask someone to dance, they could say yes. Don’t allow yourself to regret one second of it because you were too afraid of what other people think to have fun.

7. Please don’t get too caught up in rank. Class rank doesn’t really matter, we all have our own paths and we will follow them differently. You are NOT defined by a number. Being first in your class means nothing if you aren’t kind, and you aren’t willing to help the person whose last. So don’t feel bad about being last and don’t be cocky about being first. Colleges want well rounded students, your grades are just one piece of the much bigger puzzle.

Honestly just enjoy yourself, an extremely wise man once told me, “High School is the best time in your life that you never want to have again.” So don’t take it too seriously and don’t stress over the small stuff.