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Looking for what’s going on in the classrooms, on the field, and in the hallways at Cape Fear? Well look no further! Here you can find student news, our weekly Podcast, Student of the week articles, and pictures of daily life at 4762 Clinton Road.

Homecoming: Were YOU Spotted?

Check out some of our student pictures from the Homecoming Dance! Brought to you by the CFNN Staff!

Rough Drafts

Rough Drafts is our weekly student-centered podcast. We focus on what’s happening inside our school, on the athletic fields and courts, and in our community. Listen in for what’s going on in Colt Country!

The weekly tea from the Five Crew!

Student Articles

9/13/19 The Sweet Life: A Day in the Life of Alyssa Sweet
9/9/19 Colts Club Day
9/9/19 Harvard Model Congress: School Trip of A Lifetime
9/9/19 Meet Cape Fear’s Newest Club: Speech and Debate
9/9/19 Colorguard and Colorful Memories
10/18/19 Floats and Football and Cars, Oh My!
10/18/19 Float On

10/21/19 Grand Champs in the Battle in the Bears Den

10/25/19 Tik Tok? Not the Clock.

10/29/19 If You Ain’t Talkin Trophies, Speech and Debate Don’t wanna Talk

10/29/19 Colts Do That Thing They Do

11/5/19 All-Star Brook Bieniek Absolutely BODIES the Competition

11/5/19 The Final Power Off

11/6/19 Save the Date the Boy$ Are Going to States

11/15/19 What Makes a Good Student?

11/15/19 Unleash Your Inner Artist

11/25/19 Hoop Dreams

12/2/19 A Growing Trend: Graduating Early

12/5/19 t̴̟̗͉̟͊̕͜͝i̶̯̊̽͛̏̈́̄k̵̠̫̮̽̐ ̴̲̳͍͊̍͒͌̽̆͜ͅt̶̞̯̹̘̒͆̿̌̿̒͜o̴̹̖̼̪͍̎́̉̃͒ķ̴̙̫̣͚̔̀͠ fame kills

12/9/19 Toys For Tots Gives a Lot

12/9/19 Tipsy Turvy

12/10/19 Speech and Debate Smackdown

12/17/19 Happy Holidays from the CF Orchestra

12/17/19 2nd Semester Expectations

1/13/20 The Plague of Senioritis

1/16/20 Paid to Play Video Games?

1/17/20 Cape Fear Theatre- Here’s the Rundown

1/22/20 Alumni: Where Are They Going, Where Are They Now?

1/27/20 The Grand Tour with Ms. Casianos

1/27/20 Teaching CPR at CFHS

1/27/20 Shakespeare is Coming to Cape Fear

1/27/20 Painting a Picture of a Greener School

1/28/20 Quiz Bowl at Cape Fear

1/28/20 School Sidewalk Safety

1/28/20 Miss Cape Fear 2019, Elizabeth Buffaloe

1/29/20 What Nursing Fundamentals is All About

1/29/20 A Day in the Life of Seth Williams

1/29/20 Huts for Classrooms- How Do We Feel?

1/30/20 Cape Fear’s Entrepreneurs

1/30/20 Art Club at CFHS

1/30/20 Cape Fear Colts Supporting the Fight Against Cancer

1/31/20 Cape Fear Students at Work

1/31/20 Spirit Week at CF, What’s Happened?

2/4/20 School P.E. Uniforms

2/5/20 Art Thou Ready for Auditions?

2/5/20 Freshman – It’s Time For The Future

2/11/20 All-District Band at Cape Fear

2/19/20 AIG Colts Go to College

2/27/20 Quiz Bowl Fundraiser Lets You Know “Where’s the Beef?”

3/2/20 All-County Chorus

3/4/20 The Student Government Association

3/10/20 You CAN Do It – What’s Next for the Environmental Club?

3/26/20 Proficient Choir Goes to MPA

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