The Colts throw in on Tuesday against Hoke

Alexis Becker CFNN Soccer Reporter

 The Colts took on the Hoke County fighting Bucks last night in a very tough match. The game started, the bucks had the ball and a tough attitude to boot. The goal-line was crowded with players from both teams, and the Bucks pulled a fast one, scoring on the Colts.

Two minutes into the first half, the Colts knew they would need to play tough to keep Hoke from scoring again. They would need to mount a come back. With the game pace picking up, the Colts were able to hold the Bucks for the rest of the first half.

  Halftime meant huddling up and working strategies. When it ended, the two teams were more ready than ever. This battle was not quite over.

  The Colts were ready to battle until the end. Unfortunately, history repeated itself from the first half and the Bucks scored. As tough as this was to see, the Colts did not give up. They decided to change around the line-up to seek a different result. 

The Colts in action Tuesday

  Dawson Travis, a Sophomore was placed in the goal and Tyler Britt was now in the field. This was a huge change for the Colts. Britt in the field created a change of pace for the Colts offense. Their aim was to get more push on offense to create some chances on goal. They continued to hold the Bucks defensively, but were unable to score. The final score was 2-0. 

After the match, Coach Dent looked back and reflected. “ A bit more of an attacking presence when we get the ball,” he said as he discussed what the Colts could have done to improve.

 This is the change that Coach Dent hopes the team will take with them into future games later in the season. Hopefully they get things worked out and kick it into high gear going forward.

The Colts next game is home against Terry Sanford Monday, September 30 at 7:00.