Alexis Becker CFNN Reporter

The Cape Fear vs Terry Sanford is a storied rivalry. It’s a very long book and another chapter has just been added. This chapter ends with the Colts on top, though.

The Teams meet at midfield to discuss the end of regulation on Monday night.

The Colts and Bulldogs went all in Monday night for their second match up of the season. Seconds into the first half, the Bulldogs match the Colts’ intensity level. There is constant back and forth and hustle up and down the field from both teams. The game remained 0-0 for the most of the match.

There was a large crowd on hand. The stadium was full and the crowd volume was turned up to the loudest setting. The ball ends up near the Colts goal surrounded by both teams. Time for a corner kick.

Unfortunately, as the crowd grows louder, the Bulldogs are able to slip in a goal off a set piece from Caleb Shovlain to Davis Molnar. The score is now 1-0 with just a few minutes before half-time. The Colts were able to hold it down and keep the score at 1-0 at the break. Tyler Britt believed that half-time included the turning point of the match.

“He told us to stick it in, keep on chopping and the opportunities will come and they did,” said junior goalkeeper Tyler Britt.

“Yeah he’s [Coach Dent] pretty much our backbone,” senior captain Mason Smith added. 

 At this point, the Colts are as hyped as they’ll ever be, and with a support system like Coach Dent and an electric crowd, nothing could possibly get in their way.

Players battle for the header in Monday’s contest.

 The Colts quickly score in the first 10 minutes of the second half thanks to a Mason Smith throw and a finish from Ethan Jacob. This goal completely changed the momentum of the game. The crowd was beyond intense. With a couple of missed calls for the Colts, the fans grew even louder to show their Colt pride. 

Tyler Britt comes running up from the goal as the Colts earn a penalty at the other end. He lines the ball up, jogs forward, shoots, and SCORES. The Colts now lead 2-1. The game looked like it was in the Colts hands. The Bulldogs refuse to give up and score within the last minute of the game, tying it 2-2. 


Overtime. The first 5 minutes begin, and the Bulldogs have the ball. After two minutes of back and forth, Terry Sanford slides in a goal and takes a late lead 3-2. The Colts decide to continue their pattern of bringing in Tyler Britt to give the offense a push and place Dawson Travis in the goal: another strong goalie for the Colts. This turns out to be a very smart move for the Colts. Tyler Britt places the ball in position for himself, jogs back and kicks. A whistle blows and he now needs to re-kick. With seconds left, the anxiety was through the roof for everyone involved. 

Tyler Britt takes a free kick and Walker Brittain brings it down and drops it back to Hayden Willaford, who shoots and misses, but Ethan Jacob is “Johnny on the Spot,” and redirects the shot, burying it in the back of the net with five seconds remaining in overtime. 


Time for Penalty Kicks. The intensity continues to mount, and many people are no longer in their seats. Coach Dent chooses his lineup: Tyler Britt in the goal and kicking one of the PK’s, Nick Aime, Mason Smith, Ian Wenger and Walker Brittian also represent the Colts in this season-defining moment. 

Terry Sanford shoots first. SAVED by Tyler Britt.

First up for Cape Fear Ian Wenger, SCORES. 

Terry Sanford, seeking their first goal in penalty kicks, sends Caleb Shovlain up to the line. He takes his time making sure the ball is lined up properly and buries the shot in the back of the net. GOAL.

Nick Aime, attempts regain the Colts advantage but unfortunately it is BLOCKED. 

Davis Molnar steps up to keep the Bulldogs in the game and the ball finds the lower 90 in the corner. GOAL.

Walker Brittian throws up from exhaustion but keeps his cool, and SCORES.

Bulldogs defender Bailey Marrison is next up. GOAL.

Tyler Britt comes out of the goal to shoot next and SCORES. 

The Terry Sanford captain Graham Mcleod steps up to at least guarantee another round of penalty kicks and put pressure on the Colts next kick taker Mason Smith. He is unable to do that and skies his shot through the uprights of the field goal posts as the ball lands in the baseball field. MISSED.

Last but certainly not least, the shot of the game goes to Mason Smith. He places the ball in the perfect position. Mentally prepares himself and kicks. SCORES. THE COLTS WIN! Smith does a back flip to celebrate as his teammates rush to him to celebrate.

This marks the first time in more than fifteen years that the Colts have swept the Bulldogs in the regular season. The team definitely had reason to celebrate a historic win like that.

 The Colts are now locked in three-way tie for second place in the Patriot Athletic Conference, but they could claim first place next week at home against Grays Creek. It was a great win for the Colts, as they hope to win out and claim the conference crown.

“They definitely found the intensity and stuck with it,” said Coach Dent.

 Catch the Colts at Overhills on Wednesday to take on the Jaguars.