Lakin Williams, Erin Holmes, and Sydni Garcia CFNN Reporters

This past Saturday, Cape Fear ran in another invitational meet known as SSS Invitational in Smithfield.

Cape Fear’s Lily Terwilliger, placed 4th out of 62 girls with a time of 22:45.0; Cape Fear’s highest runner this past Saturday. 

“This week was more about place instead of time,” said Terwilliger.  “So I’m happy I was able to come out in 4th and compete with myself mentally and physically in order to keep my spot during the race.”

Colts runner Lily Terwiliger kicks it into gear at the race on Saturday.

Cape Fear did have one PR, Alicia Simmons, with a time of 24.52.0.  She also managed to place 13th, her best placement this year. 

“It made me very happy [ to PR] because I’ve been working to accomplish for a very long time,” said Simmons. “It really made me feel like I was moving in the right direction.” 

Though this meet was not specifically aimed for PR’s, and it was more so about where the runners placed, Simmons kept to her goal of setting a PR and placed high. 

Medals were given to the top fifteen runners in the meet. Terwilliger and Simmons were the only Cape Fear runners to receive them. 

“Earning a medal really made me feel accomplished,” said Simmons. “I’ve never gotten a medal before, so getting one really meant a lot to me.” 

Ilyana Walker placed 19th, earning her spot in the top three for the Cape Fear girls. She made a time of 25:31.0 only 1 minute and 33 seconds away from a personal best. 

“The terrain was really difficult to run on because it was a switch from pavement to grass, said Walker.  “Just wanted to beat the people that were ahead of me place by place. My main goal really just was to place high. I wanted to place better than the last meet I raced at.”

The Lady Colts performed well this weekend, earning 5th place overall. Great performance for all our XC Cape Fear girls!