Sarah Grace and Heidi Mayo stopped last Friday to pose in front of “The Vessel,” Cape Fear Valley Hospital’s mobile blood bank

Amber Autry and Sarah Grace CFNN Reporters

On Friday, Cape Fear hosted a Blood Drive to help support our community’s needs for an adequate blood supply. The health sciences department, led by Mrs. Allen and Mrs. Poulk, organized and led the event.

Mrs. Allen said that she has been hosting the blood drive since she began working here 17 years ago. She said that approximately 400 students donate blood through Cape Fear’s blood drives each year, making the event very successful.

Gracie McInroy chilling out as she donates.

In order to donate blood, students must be at least 16 with their parent’s consent or 17 with only their consent. Students wanting to give blood must eat a good breakfast that morning and bring their student ID or driver’s license.

Mrs. Allen said that the sole purpose of the blood drive is to save lives. “Today the blood donor center needs all types of blood,” she informed us. Mrs. Allen also shared that there are four types of blood. She said, “all types are needed today because they have a shortage in the blood donor center and when they have a shortage people die because they don’t have enough blood.”

“We are saving lives,” said Mrs. Allen. “You can save up to four lives with one pint of blood.”

Ms. Deanna Poulk and Ms. Donna Allen hard at work at last Friday’s Blood Drive.

Many students participated in the blood drive on Friday and each one helped to make a difference through their donation.

Noah Aleman described the blood drive as “the people of Cape Fear coming together to help people in need.”

Ania McLaughlin expressed, “by giving blood, you are giving back to your community and helping people in need.”

Sarah Grace assisted in the blood drive by monitoring students after donating and making sure that they were well and able to go back to class. She stated, “the blood drive is very important because it allows us to provide blood for those in need. It enables us to save lives.” 

Heidi Mayo helped out with the blood drive by monitoring the donors as well. 

“It makes high school students feel like we are making a difference in the world by helping people who are in need of blood.”

Cape Fear’s students were very excited to be part of such an important event and they were thrilled to have the opportunity to help save lives!