Angelina Nicolosi CFNN Reporter and Editor

The Speech and Debate team poses for a picture. Mr. Lucas (photographer) blocks out a photo-bomber.

The last time Cape Fear had a Speech and Debate team, the iPhone 6 was new, cutting edge technology.

“I think it was about 2015,” English teacher Joe Grates said. 

Or, maybe it was when “Call Me Maybe” dominated the radio.

“Honestly, I have no clue. The NSDA website has activity last posted in 2012,” said Speech and Debate coach Amy Lucas. 

To put it short, there hasn’t been a club for competitive actors and arguers since before recent memory.

This year, Cape Fear has brought this staple high school club back with a bang. In Forensics’ first competition at Pinecrest High School on September 28th, the team showed up and showed out with three competitors placing.

Cameron Milroy placed sixth in his chamber of Varsity Congressional Debate. Though most members of the debate team are just starting out, Cameron has been debating since middle school. This debate was definitely not his first rodeo.

Cameron Milroy speaks to the Congressional Debate team

“Well, I got sixth, but it’s not about how well I did individually. It’s about how the team as a whole worked together, and we worked really hard to get to this tournament,” Cameron said. 

Due to his skill and willingness to help his teammates, Cameron was made a captain of the debate team, coached by Mr. Lucas.

Next tournament, Congressional Debate will be adding some new competitors, including freshman Angelina Stein. Stein observed the last tournament to gain some insight for her first competition.

“My experience as an observer was very entertaining. It was cool to watch how people can come up and write these quick speeches about the topics they really care about,” Stein said.

In Novice (or in other words, Junior Varsity) Dramatic Interpretation, Caitlin Smith placed 5th.

“I felt pretty stinkin’ good,” Smith said. “I was really surprised to place though, because I was losing my voice and was very sick and tired. And I wanted to go home. But, I’m super excited to see what the next tournament holds in store for me.”

After beaming on stage with her medal hanging around her neck, Smith was glad she decided not to sit this one out because she was sick. Her cracking voice added a bit of dramatic flair to her performance, at least.

Caitlin competed in Forensics at Mac Williams, along with Taysheli Owen.

Caitlin Smith, Caylee Worley, and Davia Rhypdal discuss their performances

Tayshlei placed second in Varsity Humorous Interpretation. Instead of a medal, she left the stage with a trophy.

“I felt excited. I wasn’t expecting to get that. I was expecting not to place because I thought I did awfully, but I guess I did good,” Tayshlei laughed. 

Looking up after the learning curve presented by the first tournament, debate Captain Nick Aime said, “I feel that after the learning experience that we had this past weekend, everyone will build upon it. We’re going for the gold this time.”

Cape Fear will be competing again at Jack Britt High School on October 12th.