Elli Chew CFNN Reporter

Drumline poses for a picture with their instruments.

With a whopping total of 140 hours of practice, the Cape Fear Marching Colts had their first full run of the show in front of a live audience on Thursday, September 26, on the Cape Fear High School football field. 

In this years show every member showed precision in all aspects on the field. Whether it be in the movement, music, storyline, or the overall feel of the show it was on point. All members of the band expressed excitement and passion for the show throughout the whole performance, both on and off the field.

The Band Director, Michael Williams, inspiration for this years show came from the Adam Sandler movie “Click”. In the movie, Adam Sandler is given a remote by a very enthusiastic inventor that can be used to control time. With the remote, he skips the boring times and then realizes that the remote controls his life and he learns to care and cherish his family and the time he gets to spend with them.  

Drum Major, Breanna Walters, keeps band on tempo.

The colts had an outstanding performance last thursday.

With a very ambitious performance from the flutes that involved synchrony in music and movement.

“Feeling all of the adrenaline and everything that comes off when you’re watching everybody stare at you while you are performing on the field,” said sophomore flutist Anissa Reese.

The performance of the saxophones was to a high level of precision as they stayed together and sounded through.

“It takes a lot of work to do it, but when you are on the field there is always something you can do better, like keeping time, marching, and watching the drum major,” said  freshman saxophonist Anjalee Hardy. “I am excited to go to BOA (Bands of America), because I believe that this show has a lot of potential compared to past shows and I am excited to get championships.”

The drumline had an outstanding performance,  and it showed by winning first place at the Panther Creek Invitational for their section.

“Movement three, drum break, you already know!” chanted junior bass drum Gabe Dean and sophomore bass drum Quantez Johnson.

Color guard performs with seasons new flags.

The color guard had a great performance as well as they stayed together to make the show flow.

“Really the performances and being able to work with such a great program,” freshman Chloe Magness.

Now with this exhibition and a second place win at their first competition in Panther Creek under their belt, the band prepares for the Bands of America national competition which will be held at the University of Maryland this year on October 5.