The Colts lost in Penalty Kicks to Gray’s Creek on Monday.

CFNN reporter Jordan Hirigoyen was on the scene live and in action at the Cape Fear men’s soccer game following the tough loss to Grays Creek on Monday, October 6th. Jordan had some questions to show how this loss would affect the team and their outlook on the rest of the season.

Jordan spoke with starting goalie, Tyler Britt, who had a phenomenal performance recording a total of 24 saves in the game.

Tyler Britt

Q: What does this loss do for the team’s thoughts on the season?

A: “Regardless of what happened this game, we can’t lose again. It’s out of our hands now and it’s not the result we wanted but you do with what you have.”

Q: Were there any improvements in todays game from other games?

A: “We worked a lot harder but we broke down defensively a lot” 

Q: What are some improvements that need to be made from today?

A: “We need to step to the ball a lot. The goal they got in the second half was because we were turning our backs to the ball. Other than that we need to finish our opportunities.”

Jordan then got some thoughts from defensive superstar, newly made captain, and an absolute unit in the backfield Ian Wenger. 

Ian Wenger

Q: What are some improvements that can be made from today’s game?

A: “Our offense needs to play a little better getting more shots on goal because we didn’t get that many this game.”

Q: Did not having practice on Friday impact the team’s play today

A: “Yeah, we had a game Thursday and coming out against a tough team like this we could’ve used an extra day.” 

The Colts will try to bounce back (and I ain’t talking about Big Sean) from the disappointing loss. Their next game will be at Douglas Byrd and have crucial impacts on their seeding for the playoffs. See you there!