The Man, the Myth, the Legend.
Paige Cameron, CFNN Reporter

Although AP Human Geography teacher and Varsity Girls Tennis Coach Christopher Lucas has only been teaching at Cape Fear for five years, his reputation among the students begs to differ. Students of all ages have heard of the legendary Mr. Lucas, who is known for his sarcasm and his notorious map project. 

Overall, Lucas plays a major role in shaping a student’s academic journey and the atmosphere at Cape Fear. 

Mr. Lucas credits his parents as the reason he became a teacher. “My dad was a history teacher, and my mom taught Spanish. I saw the impact they made on people’s lives and how happy they were with their jobs, so I wanted that for my own career.”

He further explains how receiving the North Carolina Teaching Fellow Scholarship also decided that teaching was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Although Coach Lucas didn’t grow up in the Cape Fear community, when he stepped in the doors, he felt at home. “My parents worked at the same school for 30 years, I grew up in the halls of that school. I took my first steps in the school, spent my weekends there, and the faculty became my second family. I was looking for that same feeling when choosing schools to work at.”

Lucas credits his wife, who has been his co-worker for two years now, as another reason for loving the Colt family. “My wife is the love of my life, and seeing my wife at work makes Cape Fear feel even more like home.” Lucas said.

Not only does Lucas look forward to seeing his wife every day, but the rest of the staff too. He took his time to acknowledge his self-proclaimed “teacher squad.” “The upstairs hall of course! All of the homies, Shook, Coach Mac, Coach Britt, Mrs. Johnson, Coach Gregory, Spry. They make work fun, we actually look forward to the 5 minutes in between classes. Also, give a shout out to the peeps that keep it hundo p throughout the school, Madyun, Lee, Scearce, Freeman.”

Lucas describes the best part of being a teacher is hearing the feedback from his students. He says, “Honestly, it’s when I hear from students that my class has prepared them for their future classes or college.” 

When students come back from their first year at college and tell him that his class prepared them for college, he feels that he has accomplished his goal as a teacher.

He credits his students for him becoming the teacher he is today. “They’ve helped me grow as a person, becoming more empathetic and humble. Even though teaching can be difficult, it doesn’t compare to the hardship many of our students go through daily.”

Lucas hopes to shape students into believing that they’re capable of anything they set their minds to. “I hope that I’ve made the students realize they’re limitless. A teacher’s job is simple, to encourage kids to new heights.”

Coach Lucas has many goals for the girl’s tennis team and as an AP teacher. “First, I want to win a state championship in tennis. We have gotten better every single year, so it will be well within our reach soon. My second goal is to make sure we have the best social studies AP program in the state. And my third goal is to help build up the Speech and Debate team with my wife.”

Lucas continues to be a favorite among the students and the staff at Cape Fear. Everyone can agree that Cape Fear wouldn’t be the same without the tennis fanatic, Burger King loving, ⅛ Chilean, Mr. Lucas.