Keanu Barnhill, Chloe Bloomfield, Niyah McLeod, and Erin Holmes CFNN Reporters

On October 5th, at 1:45 p.m., the Marching Colts took the football field at the University of Maryland for one of the most important and nerve-racking shows of their season. After months of preparation, the team set their sights on competition. 

The Cape Fear Marching Band takes their picture after the BOA performance

“We were nervous as always, but excited to perform in a big stadium in front of bands from so many different states,” said trumpet player Keanu Barnhill. 

This year’s show is entitled Power On. Voice-overs such as “Fast Forward” and “Mute” resemble actions of a television. The band marched into forms like fast forward symbols and rewind loops to resemble what the voice-overs were saying. 

Though the band had plenty of practice under their belts, this BOA competition was still a challenge. Highly competitive bands came from up and down the east coast, bringing their best with them. 

The Cape Fear band took the field with mixed emotions but came off feeling accomplished and excited. “It was a really good run. I couldn’t help but to smile in the second movement,” said senior drum major Breanna Walters

Although the guard fumbled some of their tosses, they quickly recovered. 

Though there were only a few rough moments, things were well put together overall, and it provided a great effect to the show. The band didn’t make all of their drill spots, but they didn’t let that affect their sound. The music was performed impeccably, which is the norm for this group! The Colts all came off the field elated and proud of the show they put on. 

The band quickly scrambled off the field and walked back to the trucks to pack up. The parents who came to support and help the band cheered and clapped for them. Mr. Williams gathered everyone for the post show talk as always, emphasizing his pride in the band and guard.

Afterward the band went into the stadium to watch other bands and cheer them on. When 5:00 finally rolled around, all the nerves came back as they prepared for awards. Everyone listened anxiously as they called out awards and finalists. Though they were only a shocking 1/3 of a point away from making finals, the Colts’ performance was still one to be remembered.

Color Guard members L-R…Chloe, Brandy, Sydney, Haley, Alyssa, and Ginny posing for a picture after performing.