Alexis Becker, CFNN Reporter

College applications can be expensive. North Carolina is helping students out by offering free applications for certain NC colleges (see the link above for specific names). The Free Application Fee will be valid from October 21st through the 25th (click on the link below for specific information from the College Foundation of North Carolina). 

“Counselors will be available on these days to assist students with completing college applications,” said Mrs. Carroll. 

There will also be colleges and universities visiting our school that week during lunch. On Tuesday, October 22, from 9-12 FTCC will be in the media center to meet with students about applying to college. Fayetteville State University will be in the media center on Friday during all lunches as well. East Carolina University has also decided that they will participate in free application week despite the fact that they are not on the website link. 

Students will also have the opportunity to sign up in student services or in google classroom to reserve a computer during the week to apply to college. 

“Take advantage of this opportunity during your school day to apply to college,” said Mrs. Carroll.  

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply to one of North Carolina’s many outstanding colleges and universities FOR FREE!  

For more information, click the link or see a counselor in Student Services!  

Click Here For More Information on FREE APPLICATION WEEK!