These Colts made history Tuesday night!

Lily Terwilliger, CFNN Cross Country Reporter

And they’re off!

The last time South View’s Boy Cross Country team lost the conference championship, the impeachment of Bill Clinton was just getting started, while movies like Saving Private Ryan and Armageddon dominated the box office. 

Noah Lucas showing them what he’s got

“This season with this team has been incredible,” said Colton Danks. “And now to finally beat South View breaking their 21 year streak is an amazing accomplishment. To look back on the year we had, it’s definitely a year to remember. There won’t be another group as good as this.”

On Wednesday, the Men’s cross country team battled in the final Conference Meet to end South View’s 21-year winning streak. It was a stormy, rainy day out on the course, foreshadowing a shift in that balance of power.

Eric Hansen battles the elements.

The first race of the day was the boys/girls developmental race. The top 10 boys walked away with medals. They ran a tough race, as it had started pouring down rain 10 minutes into the race.

Eli Benbenek runs home.

Isaac Kern was the leader of the race, finishing in the front by about a minute with a time of 18:44.10. 

“I felt like the race was mentally challenging but I was able to push through it,” said Kern. “I’m proud to say I was apart of an amazing team this year and glad we got the job done.”

Tariq “Mountain of Muscle” Hussain

Eric Hansen and Corey Majerus also secured their spots in the top ten. Hansen finished with a time of 20:03.50 earning a 5th place spot. Majerus finished with a time 20:38.00 landing him in 9th place.

The highly anticipated Championship Boys race took place right after the developmental race. Our top ten runners, Jonathan Piland, Julius Ferguson, Juan Alvarado, Collin Gaddy, Alden Bostic, Colton Danks, Caleb Knudsen, Seth Thomas, Noah Lucas, and Tariq Hussain participated in this race. Our boys proved successful. 

Team captain Jonathan Piland secured 2nd place with a time of 17:04.40 achieving 2 points for his team and first team all conference. 

Jonathan Piland calculating his odds of winning.

“I am so thankful to be able to say that I’ve been a part of this team this year,” said Piland. “The whole team contributed to this accomplishment, and I’m so glad that we were able to achieve what we’ve been training for all summer. I’m looking forward to another excellent team performance at regionals next weekend-our team has an incredible opportunity to make it to the state meet this year.”

Ferguson came in 3rd place with a time of 17:05.20, one second behind Piland, earning 3 points for his team and first team all-conference honors. 

Julius Ferguson trying to outlast his own teammate.

“I thought we placed very well and stayed completely in front of South View,” said Ferguson. “Overall I’m proud of the whole team for stepping up and putting an end to South View’s 21 years of winning.”

Juan Alvarado placed 5th with a time of 17:30.70 securing 5 points for his team as well as making first team all conference.

Juan Alvarado leaves South View runners in the dust.

“Losing to South View for 3 years, knowing that they haven’t lost in 21 years, and finally beating them felt great,” said Alvarado. “Because I know how hard every single one of us had to work to come out on top. And for us seniors, it’s a great way to finish our last cross country conference championship.”

Collin Gaddy finished with a time of 17:42.20, making 2nd team all conference and earning a 10th place medal. 

Collin Gaddy PRs despite poor weather conditions.

“This race easily one of the hardest races I’ve done, there wasn’t a moment I wasn’t fighting to get past the next person,” said Gaddy. “I am also extremely proud of my teammates that went through the same pain. But in the end we all finished very strong and I was able to achieve a personal record (PR).”

Alden Bostic finished with a time of 17:51.30, also making 2nd team all conference with a 13th place medal. 

Alden Bostic finishes strong.

“We did what needed to be done,” said Bostic. We came out, we did our thing and we came out on top. I wouldn’t want to run with any other crowd then the one I had Tuesday night. We aren’t just a team, we are a family. We didn’t just win as a team, we won as a family.”

Danks, a four time runner during his time at Cape Fear, put in a time of 18:19.00, making 3rd team all conference securing a 20th place medal.

Colton Danks runs the gauntlet that is the jungle.

“They say all good things must come to an end,” said Danks. “On Tuesday night that reality set in for sure at South View. Several years of hard work from a dedicated team of runners ended a two decade long streak under the lights of the jungle!”

Knudsen finished right behind Colton Danks with a time of 18:38.00, locking down the 21st medal. 

The seven colts that medaled.

The boys pulled through in breaking the Tigers’ 21 year winning streak. South View notched a total of 58 points, while Cape Fear ran strong, earning a total of 33 points. Coach Hanes also deservedly won Coach of the Year honors after finally breaking the winning streak he has been after during his entire coaching tenure with the Colts. Cue, ‘We Are the Champions’ by Queen. 

Team captain Seth Thomas had some words to say about his team and his last xc season.

 “I’m more than proud of every single one of my teammates,” said Thomas. “After 4 years of running I finally get to see my team win the conference championship. Everyone worked so hard and I’m ecstatic to have finally beat the South View Tigers. Though I won’t be running Regionals I expect nothing but greatness from those who are running. I couldn’t be more excited to be the captain of such a fantastic team. 

Come out and support the boys in the next stage as they compete to qualify for states. They will be running on the Northwood Course in Pittsboro, NC on November 2nd.