Curtis Coleman CFNN Tennis Reporter

This past Wednesday, the Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Team once again makes history in the 2019 season. This time, instead of beating rival Terry Sanford, the team beat J.H. Rose in dual-teams to advance into the third round of the dual-team conference.

The team beat J.H. Rose 6-3. Freshman Brooke Bieniek, faced off in an intense match against her opponent on court one. Eventually, the match was pushed to a third-set tie break, with Brooke winning it 10-4. 

Juniors Caroline Averitte made SLIGHT work of her match, winning it in two sets with the score of 6-0 6-2. While fellow junior, Daija Rucker, out performed her opposition on court five, winning her match 6-4 6-3.

Finally, on court six, sophomore Madisyn Hall made quick work of her opponent as well, finishing in only two sets, winning it 7-5 6-1.

In doubles, seniors Paige Cameron and Kensey Thurmond fought hard against some of the best girls in the state, but came up short, losing their doubles match 8-1.

However, partners Daija Rucker and Brook Bieniek, won their match 8-5, and partners Madisyn Hall and Caroline Averitte won their match 8-6.

“I think the team did excellent overall, they came in with confidence like Coach Lucas told us to do,” said Daija Rucker.

The team indeed came into the match with confidence. Under the leadership of the awe-inspiring Coach Lucas and Coach O, the women didn’t allow J.H. Rose’s team to dampen their confidence or their skill in the matches. 

With songs like “B.M.O.” by Ari Lennox, “TOES” by Dababy, and “Come On” by Quality Control on repeat during the bus ride to Greenville, the ladies came in with high spirits and energy, and it definitely showed. 

With history made, the team sets their sights on their next opponent, New Hanover. This team is a talented one, as most of the team has been playing tennis all their lives, but our team is ready for whatever New Hannover hits their way.

“I’m preparing for the next match by just practicing every day until we play,”  said the fabulous Daija Rucker. 

Here at Cape Fear News Network, we are so proud of the performance and effort this legendary team has put into the season. As they focus on their next match, we send them the best wishes and hope to see the team make even more history!