Freshman Sensation Brooke Bienek

Curtis Coleman CFNN Reporter

Last week, freshman Brooke Bieniek pushed the Cape Fear Women’s Tennis Team even further into their legendary historic season, finishing third in the state at the championship tournament. 

Never before has a member of the Women’s Tennis Team advanced so far into the state championship, let alone a freshman. Brooke Bieniek gracefully displayed her skill set and talent at the tournament that she has been showing us all season.

Most freshmen would be nervous to step into a playing field of all juniors and seniors trying to advance as far as they can. Brooke Bieniek is not like other freshmen.

Brooke and Coach Lucas

“I’m a freshman, so I have a ton of time to improve. I knew I had other opportunities,” Brooke said, describing how thinking logically led to reducing her nerves before the matches.

With the impressive feat of taking third place, Bieniek’s strategy had to be flawless.

“It was about being confident to swing. I’m playing people who are really good, so I just needed to hit the shots I know how to hit,” Brooke said.

This has been a recurring theme for the whole team. Brooke, along with everyone else, is taught to never doubt their own ability, and that they are capable of doing anything and beating anyone. 

With the team completing their most historic season to date, this strategy seems to work. The team’s confidence in their own ability was a major supporting factor in that.

Brooke poses at the State Finals.

With the season ended Monday night, Brooke reminisced on her favorite moments from the season.

She enjoyed hanging out with the team, communicating and creating friendships, and especially enjoyed beating people the team thought they couldn’t. Specifically teams like Terry Sanford, which they haven’t won against in recent history until this year.

Brooke Bieniek has already made history, becoming the youngest in Cape Fear history to reach third in the state. However, her journey is just beginning. Here at CFNN, we are ecstatic to see how far Brooke will venture and progress in her tennis career.