Paige Cameron, CFNN Reporter

Environmental Science teacher Angela Spry is well known around Cape Fear for her bubbly and joyful nature. She brings a lively energy with her each day that brightens up the lives of her students. During her ten years at Cape Fear, she has made a significant impact. Through teaching and taking over Key Club, she has made a difference that will last for years to come. 

Spry had teaching experience before coming to Cape Fear. She first started teaching at Richmond Community College, where she taught Biology and other sciences related to the Nursing Program. After two years, she left to teach public school at Spring Hill Middle School for five and a half years before coming to Cape Fear.

Her interest in science inspired her to become a teacher. If she couldn’t practice medicine, she wanted to teach students who may end up practicing medicine. This furthered her decision to teach Biology for the Nursing Program at community college. However, she wanted to be a part of the public school system to be on the same schedule as her children, so she switched from community college to the public school system. 

She initially didn’t want to be a teacher. Growing up, she always envisioned she would become a physician.

“I had done several internships with Duke and UNC and Wake Forest,” said Spry.

It wasn’t until she was able to speak with a few first-year med students that she realized she wouldn’t have time for her family if she became a doctor. 

She also never thought she would have taught Environmental Science. When she arrived at Cape Fear, she wanted to teach Biology, but no positions were available. But she learned to love Environmental Science, and she couldn’t see herself teaching any other subject at Cape Fear.

Mrs. Spry is now going on her tenth year of working at Cape Fear High, and she loves every minute of it.

“The faculty that I work with, we have such a strong group of individuals who are dedicated to doing the best they can by their students and making sure learning is current and engaging,” said Spry. “I have been really appreciative of the group of people I’ve been working with through my years here.”

Spry notes that one of the best part of teaching is when she has past students keep in touch with her after they have graduated. She loves to hear what they are doing and accomplishing in their lives.

“I had a student that I saw at the last homecoming football game who is getting ready to go into grad school,” said Spry. “I love the fact that they keep me a part of their life and their development and what’s going on.”

Spry has proven to be a phenomenal teacher as well as a fantastic Key Club advisor. Since 2013, she has been the key to growing Cape Fear’s Key Club into what it is today.

“The prior Key Club advisor was retiring, and no one was willing to accept the club,” said Spry. “And knowing the value that Key Club provides and the opportunity it offers students, and I most certainly did not want to see that club go by the wayside.”

Ms. Spry is extremely respected by students and teachers.

Spry has worked diligently to grow the club even more since she has taken over. She is interested in creating new projects for Key Club to tackle in the future.

“The thing I would like to see us do is to start an Action club at the middle school level or elementary level,” said Spry.

Spry hopes to create more attention drawn to Key Club by reaching out to students early and stress the importance of volunteering and giving back to our community.

It’s very clear that Spry enjoys Key club.

“The fact that I get to be a person to guide and also sit on the sidelines and see my students go from that shy freshman who doesn’t speak at the meetings to becoming our club president,” said Spry. “To see my students grow in their own confidence, their service, and their leadership. It’s just a very rewarding position to be in.”

Spry’s work as an educator and advisor proves her dedication to her work. Her students go beyond what’s expected. She has proven to be a teacher that every student should have at Cape Fear. Spry’s personality and dedication to her work has earned her the reputation of one of the favorite teachers at Cape Fear High School.