Lily Terwilliger CFNN Cross Country Reporter

The Colts were out ahead early

“No half times, no time outs, no substitutions, said Chuck Norris. “It must be the only true sport.”

The boys continue their successful season with a state championship qualification, earning a 4th place finish as a team. 

After coming off of a historic conference win the boys make history again qualifying for states for the first time ever at Cape Fear. 

The Colts traveled up to Pittsboro on November 2nd to race on the challenging Northwood course. The course consisted of rough terrain, gravel, and steep hills. It has proven to be a slower course than most.


The top 7 Colts, Julius Ferguson, Jonathan Piland, Juan Alvarado, Collin Gaddy, Colton Danks, Caleb Knudsen, and Alden Bostic competed for their chance at states individually and as a team. The boys proved to have a successful run.

Julius Ferguson came in 10th place, making the top 10, with a time of 17:04.63. 

Julius Ferguson leading the way for the Colts

“The race was very challenging because there were a lot of hills we had to attack,” said Ferguson. “However I’m proud of my team for making it to States. I’m proud to say all this hard work paid off from placing great in every race this season getting me to the top 10 spot for our region.”

Team Captain Jonathan Piland came in 24th place, with a time of 17:45.30. 

Jonathan Piland battles the difficult course

“Qualifying as a team for states was an incredible accomplishment for us,” said Piland. “This had been a shared goal of the entire team, including Coach Hanes, since the beginning of summer, and it would not have been possible without our wholehearted commitment.”

“The boys ran an incredible race despite the difficult course, which contained several paved regions and sharp turns. I was so excited to be able to be a part of this experience my senior year, and I thank the Lord that He put me on the path during my freshman year to be able to contribute to this phenomenal accomplishment.”

Juan Alvarado took the 33rd spot with a time of 18:09.45. 

Juan Alvarado running to his full potential

“We dominated conference and now we have qualified for States,” said Alvarado. “This is thanks to everyone putting in all the hard work during the summer, especially in 95 degree weather.”

“We really could not have done it without coach Hanes as he coached us to run our full potential and invested so much time with us. At States I’m looking forward to going as a team and running my hardest and maybe even making a new personal record.”

Collin Gaddy was shortly behind him in 37th place with a time of 18:14.91. 

Collin Gaddy moving ahead of the pack

“We are going to States with high hopes of making PR’s and as much attention to our achievements as possible,” said Gaddy. “I could not have made this progress without the brotherhood I have formed with everyone including coach Hanes.”

Colton Danks took the 49th spot with a time of 18:40.86. 

Colton Danks is cool, calm, and collected.

“A truly remarkable achievement occurred on the cool grass of Northwood High’s football field last Saturday,” said Danks. “With a fairly sporadic gameplan, I felt that our team ran as a single unit, undeterred by failure. We knew our goal, and believed it was well within the realm of possibility.”

“I’m proud to say that our mindset along with the hard work that we put forth all season allowed us to achieve our goal as a team. I’m proud to be part of a team that etched school history not only once this season, but twice, and I thank my fellow teammates and Coach Hanes for leading us to our goal.”

Caleb Knudsen was right behind him in the 50th spot with a time of 18:42.07. 

Caleb Knudson finishing strong

“What a season! It’s crazy to think that this team is making history,” said Knudson. “I couldn’t think of a better more dedicated group then this years team. We have all made great leaps and bounds as individuals and as a team.”

“Going one more weekend at the State meet with these guys is truly incredible. With an amazing coach and a family that we have in this team, it’s hard to see this season end. I’m proud to say I was a part of this 2019 Cross Country team. Definitely a year to remember.”

Alden Bostic finished in the 56th spot with a time of 18:50.74. 

Alden Bostic making his hard work pay off

“I personally think that I have a very successful year,” said Bostic. “Regardless of all our amazing accomplishments, I think about the beginning. Starting in the summer, going out there and waking up super early to go running in 95 degree weather paid off because we knew we had the potential to have the season we did.”

“Everyday after school going through the pain we did to get better together is what brought the xc family so close. In the end, I ran beside some amazing people and in doing so giving Coach Hanes the best birthday gift we could ever give him.”

Underclassmen taking in the experience

The Colts finished with a team score of 153 points, 20 points ahead of 5th place, achieving their spot to continue on to states as a team for the first time in Cape Fear History. The boys had a successful and historical season this year, winning conference and making states as a team.

Come support the boys as they finish out their historical season at states in Kernersville, North Carolina where they will compete on the Ivey M. Redmon course.