The CFNN Staff.

Coach Grates, CFNN News Boss

Wow! This post makes it official. 100 articles.

In less than four months, our online newspaper has gone from literally nothing to publishing three articles a day. We’ve covered just about every event that we could find, and some we went out to look for. We’ve posted videos, we started a podcast, and we brought you the weekly weather. I would say that the Cape Fear News Network is an overwhelming success.

There are so many people to thank for helping to put out what we feel is a quality product that gives the community some insight into what’s going on at Cape Fear High School, so I will do just that.

First and foremost, thank you Journalism students. Your hard work has paid off. You are talented writers who have generated a product that is INTERESTING and FUN to read. You have willingly and happily covered just about every single event that has occurred in and around our school for the last four months. Thank you also to the Tech Team! You don’t write articles, but you created and continue to maintain an actual news website! You take pictures; you disseminate information; you keep the machine moving forward! You are all amazing, and I am truly blessed to call myself your teacher.

Thank you Cape Fear students and teachers, parents, grandparents, and community members for reading, tweeting, posting and talking about our articles, blogs, videos and website. We genuinely appreciate the kind words, comments, likes, and positive reviews. We hope that you continue to read and talk about our CFNN website. Without you, well, who would read?

Thank you to the Cape Fear Administration, and Principal Brian Edkins. You have allowed us to do our thing and given us total support to move around the building, attend events and find news around the school. We appreciate it.

Thank you to the Media Center for making all of your fun toys available to us. You welcomed this Journalism thing with open and excited arms. I will never forget your generosity. Ms. O was a driving force behind getting us up and running. She was an amazing teacher and friend. I am absolutely sure that Ms. Bullard will carry on her spirit of cheerful helpfulness from here. Thank you for being so easy to work with and putting up with us.

Thank you also to the students and teachers we have featured in our articles. You have been patient with us and totally cooperative when we have intruded on your classrooms and lessons. You are the news, and we were happy to share your news with the world.

The ride has been wild, but it’s only just begun! Things are only going to get better from here! As the winter sets in and fall sports come to an end, we transition into winter sports and winter activities. We have some truly fun things in store for you from our crazy “Curtis in the Clouds” weather reports, “Five Talk” podcast, the “Colts in the Box” weekly sportscast, and certainly more fun and interesting articles. Keep reading, keep watching, keep liking, and keep commenting! Here’s to a hundred more articles. Thank you all for your support!