Angelina Nicolosi, CFNN Reporter and Editor

If you like waiting in line for thirty minutes, the Popeyes chicken sandwich is great. 

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Promotional imagery for the spicy chicken sandwich.

The whole country is aware of the stir over Popeyes’ latest unveiling. Just yesterday, a man was stabbed to death in Maryland over skipping the line. Every chain location has cars wrapped around the block at all hours of operation, and each wait is long enough to get food from anywhere else, drive home, and eat it in peace and quiet.

It’s not that the sandwich isn’t good, because it is. It’s that the product has stirred such a rabid energy in the American people that getting one is worse than going to the DMV.

The process of getting the sandwich in a line of 15 people took about 40 minutes. The Popeyes location was out of ice, and the workers seemed both extremely overworked and apathetic to the quality of service provided.

Three sandwiches buckled up safely to be taken home to my family. The seat warmers were on because there was no worry about melting the ice in the drinks.

The sandwich came on a toasted brioche bun covered in mayonnaise. I opted for no pickles. When I bit into it, it definitely tasted like what I expected: a chicken sandwich. A little sweeter than others I’ve had before, juicy, and a pretty decent size. It was good, but not something I would literally kill for.

“While in my opinion it’s better than Chick-fil-A’s, it’s not worth the 30 minute wait,” said Walker Brittain. 

Part of the problem might come from Popeyes’ history and compensation for workers. Many of those who have waited in line for the chicken sandwich say that the slow service is not a new thing unique to Popeyes’ current popularity boom. 

Popeyes is also not paying workers any more for the significant stress and hundreds of customers coming in per hour. Their hourly pay rate averages out to about $8.33, while Chick-fil-A averages $9.85.

In short, you could get a chicken sandwich that’s just as good at another southern staple in 5 minutes with a “my pleasure” at the end. 

You should definitely try the sandwich once if you have an hour of free time to spare, though. As Coach Grates says, “Sometimes you just have to do it for the story.”