The Terwilliger sisters running matching each other stride for stride.
Lakin Williams, Erin Holmes and Sydni Garcia, CFNN Reporters

Over the river and through the woods, and hills, and more woods, and more hills, and another river, our Cape Fear XC lady Colts ran in the regionals held at Northwood in Pittsboro, NC.

Iris Terwilliger battle the terrain with runner’s high

Iris Terwilliger placed the highest out of all the Lady Colts with a time of 21:41:62 earning a 37th place finish.

“ I wish I had placed higher in order to qualify for states,” said Iris Terwilliger. “However, I am proud that I was able to come back after being injured for most of the season to get to where I am now. This was a tough course but I was still able to power through and beat the number one girl from our conference.”

Lily Terwilliger running her last race

Lily Terwilliger, the second highest Lady Colt, placed 40th with a time of 21:58.99. 

“I am proud of my performance last weekend at regionals being able to beat the number one runner in the conference, especially with my sister Iris by my side,” said Lily Terwilliger. 

Natalie Autry thinking about how much she has already improved this season

Natalie Autry placed 3rd out of the Cape Fear girls with a time of 25:03.08. She placed 80th out of 114 runners. 

“I wasn’t as happy with my time, but I think the course had the main impact on my time and placement,” said Autry.

The terrain was very difficult compared to the other courses the girls have run before. It was filled with tough hills, rocky terrain, and paved paths.

“It was really hard to run on, but I felt like I did good.” said Autry. 

“There were so many hills and rocky gravel, said Iris Terwilliger. “ I definitely almost rolled my ankle twice.” 

They all seemed to have the same thoughts on the terrain. 

“It felt like I was running on bubble wrap.” said Autry.

The Terwilliger sisters’ major competitor was Rainger, a Terry Sanford runner who placed first in their conference. Despite the tough course, the Terwilliger sisters were able to power through and beat her out.

“I am always switching back and forth with Rainger and to be able to come back from my injury and beat her out on a course like that makes it all the more rewarding,” said Iris Terwilliger.

Sadly, this is the last time our only senior girl, Lily Terwilliger, will be running for Cape Fear. 

Lily Terwilliger passing the torch to the star sophomores

“After 4 years of this sport, I am proud to end the way it did, said Lily Terwilliger. “It took a lot of hard work to get to this point, but it paid off. I reached the 20s this season and was able to place 4th in conference. Not only that, but I was able to beat Rainger in regionals all while by my sisters side. I want to thank coach Hanes and my parents for the endless support. I’ll miss the team next year, but I wish them the best of luck,” said Terwilliger.

Lilly Terwilliger finishing her High School XC career off strong by BEATING TERRY SANFORD!

We are all so proud of our Lady Colts and the progress they have made this year! They couldn’t have done it without the hard-work, effort, and the support they had this season.The girls also couldn’t have done it without the phenomenal coaching from Coach Hanes and Mrs. Freeman.

There is a saying that “You know you are a cross country runner when your shoes have more mileage than your car.” This is definitely true for the girls XC team.