Molly Williams CFNN Bowling Reporter

As the fall season begins to wind down, winter brings new sports into act at Cape Fear. The 2019-2020 bowling team kicked off their season on Wednesday, November 13th at B&B Lanes. The team had a strong start and left room for improvement for the rest of their season. 

Bowling is scored differently than other sports. There are five people that play in a game. The first person will bowl the 1st and 6th frame, the second will bowl the 2nd and 7th, and so on. The person who bowls consistently the best often bowls for the 5th and 10th frame so they get the chance to roll a strike and keep the game going in the 10th frame. 

In each match, the team bowls for 6th games, giving each player 12 frames to bowl. The Cape Fear girls bowling team scored a total of 621 in last weeks match. Their highest scoring game was a 140. This placed them in 3rd, tied with Overhills. 

Last week the boys scored a 824 in their match. Their highest scoring game was a 153. They came in 5th place behind Pine Forest. 

Sophomore Regan Duncan is the team’s 5th and 10th frame bowler and consistently comes in with the highest scores. She had a few words to say about the teams first match. 

“It feels good to know that I can be someone who the coach can count on to pick up the spares, throw strikes, motivate the team and make them get hyped,” says Duncan. 

Compared to other high school sports, bowling is very different, and often doesn’t get as much recognition. 

“I definitely think our teams should get more recognition. The people are so friendly and we have to put in time at practice like every other team,” Duncan adds. 

Although Cape Fear did fairly well in their first match, there is definitely room for improvement for the rest of the season. 

Senior Marlie Horne, who is taking on her first year in bowling, said some uplifting words about the team. 

“I think that our team did pretty good for our first match. I know we have a lot of potential. As a team, I think we need to work on picking up on spares and reduce the number of gutter balls,” said Horne. 

The bowling team practices at B&B Lanes every Monday and Thursday. 

This year looks promising for the bowling team. Join the team at B&B and show your support for their second match next Wednesday at 4:00 pm.