2 has been brought to the mobile gaming world. The game is a part of the IO mobile games made by different companies such as Voodoo, Goodjob Games, Geisha, and Digiart. 

IO games are all competitive games where somebody is trying to be #1 on the leaderboard. They are created for fun, albeit addictive, competition.

The objective of the game is to gain control of 100% of the map. 2 is different from 1, and many feel that 2 is the better version. 1 is squared, but 2 is curved, as shown below:

Image result for 1 mobile images 1 to the left. The lines are more angular while the 2 lines are curved 2 gives you more freedom to hurry up and fill in your color. When you play 1 you have to worry about angles and only moving a certain way, which makes it harder to go back to your color quickly when an enemy is approaching. 

If you thought you were playing against a bunch of humans, think again. The game puts you up against a bunch of robots. That explains the fact that when a player starts a game, you seem to be in the middle of an ongoing one. 

It also explains how players have the option to continue to play after you’ve been “killed.”

The game tries to trick players to make it seem like they’re playing against humans by making funny and human-like screen names. 

Before you start the game, you get to pick the color that you want to be. After you play the first game, you’ll have a chance to unlock different objects that you can be. 

For example, there’s a rubber duck, a mouse, a broom, a unicorn, trash can, and more. 

The unicorn is the hardest to achieve because it only unlocks when you cover 100%. 

Image result for 2 mobile
Gameplay of a player carving out another player’s territory.

When you start the game off, you’re at 0.66%, but as you progress in the game, you’ll get bigger. The more space that you cover, the closer you get to being in the lead. 

When you’re in your territory, you’re safe. However, when you leave your territory, there’s a pastel colored trail that marks the new territory that you’re trying to gain. 

If an enemy touches your trail before you make it back to your territory, you’re automatically eliminated.

Just because a territory is yours, doesn’t mean that an enemy can’t come and take it. 

That’s another difficult thing about the game! Enemies can come in your territory and take your space, especially if you’re on a different side of your territory and can’t defend yourself.

Luckily for players, enemies can be eliminated if they have an open trail in one’s territory. 

Image result for 2 mobile

New bots are added throughout the game, making gameplay more difficult. The bots take up alot of space and no matter how many you eliminate, they seem to just keep coming back. 

Gaining 15% or 20% of territory is not hard but the goal of 100% is the hardest to reach. It will most likely take a very long time due to all the bots. 

You have to be patient and have good strategy to play this game. Don’t try to eliminate anyone unless you are absolutely positive that you can. They can easily trick you. 

Here are some tips for you: 

  1. Don’t go too far out of your territory
  2. Take enemies space directly after eliminating them
  3. Take space near the walls
  4. Be patient
  5. Don’t be greedy  

Try the game out and let us know how it went for you in a comment!