Erin Holmes and Lakin Williams CFNN Reporters

This past Tuesday, the Cape Fear News Network was given the opportunity to try out a pair of drunk goggles from Criminal Justice teacher, Mr. Black. 

The drunk goggles alter the user’s sense of vision through a lack of distance perception and double vision. It is a device that relatively accurately portrays the views and dangers of impaired drivers. 

Starting on the home bleachers side of the track, our test golf cart drivers would drive around the track, weaving through cones while sober; a difficult challenge for some even before the goggles. 

Then, the test driver would put on their goggles and attempt to drive back, weaving through the cones while avoiding potential accidents. There was some off-roading, and sadly most of the innocent cones were brutally murdered.

Amber Autry taking a turn as a passenger while urging Lily Terwilliger to drive faster.

Senior Amber Autry, our most interesting driver, hit several cones on the second time around the track with the goggles on. 

“Before I put the goggles on, I took out no cones.” said Autry. “As soon as I put the goggles on, I hit about two.“

Our very own Coach Grates took his turn behind the wheel; he was suspiciously good at driving with the goggles on. 

“You’re surprisingly good. Do you have practice with this, Coach Grates?” the students joked. 

“If I didn’t know Grates, I would definitely think it was suspicious he was really good at driving with the goggles on,” said Autry. “He would never drive drunk. He’s not dumb.” 

Lily Terwilliger taking it slow and steady.

Our final driver was XC star, Lily Terwilliger. 

“The goggles were very difficult drive with,” said Terwilliger. “I definitely saw two of everything. They were very disorienting.” 

Lily Terwilliger avoids hitting a cone.

Terwilliger also had a lot to say on the outcome of her and the other drivers time when the drunk goggles on.

 “I cannot imagine getting into a real car and driving drunk,” said Terwilliger. “I hope that many students get to use these to be able to see how dangerous drunk driving is.”

One huge lesson to take from this experience is do not, under any circumstances, drink and drive. You might think you’re fine and nothing bad will happen, but that’s just not true. Our test drivers definitely took something from their time driving “under the influence.” Be smart and be safe!