Nicholas Aime, CFNN Editor/Reporter

The time has come to say goodbye to first semester, and hello to second semester. There have been many ups and downs during the first semester, but it is very clear that the students have enjoyed their time and they are ready to continue into the new year. 

Some students have had enduring first semesters, but have kept their grades up nonetheless. Hector Santiago Ortiz, a junior and Colts soccer player, has been challenged academically so far this year. “My first semester was hard. I’m a straight A student, but I’m about to get the first B of my life, so it has been a pretty tough semester.”

Other students had trouble keeping up and staying focused this semester. Emilie Allen, senior and Colts basketball and soccer player, seems to have had a little bit of difficulty. “It was really fast, and it was kind of a blur. Also, my brain didn’t do anything.” Allen said intelligently.

The seniors have had a difficult time enduring their year so far. Noah Aleman, senior, had a bleak summary of the first semester. “It was a disaster.”

Moving on from that sarcastic teenage negativity, the teachers had a more uplifting message to share about how they felt about the first semester. Mr. Lucas, AP European History teacher, shared how he experienced his semester. “It was very busy; it was in the middle of the tennis season, and I was also getting my national boards ready. Besides that it was great. I really enjoyed teaching the kids and I always enjoy teaching American History 1.” Lucas said.

When it comes to moving on to the second semester though, these same individuals had a positive outlook and are anticipating the start of the new year. Ortiz is definitely looking forward to having different types of classes. “I’m looking forward to my FTCC classes, so I can learn a lot and get college credit.”

The students couldn’t stop expressing how reluctant they are to come to school, especially the seniors. It is probably a classic case of “senioritis” that these upperclassmen have caught. Aleman clearly has different feelings than Ortiz about second semester. “I only have 2 classes, so I’m ready to sleep in. Everybody needs their sleep, man.” Aleman said.

Allen has only one thing on her mind going into the new year and that is to get her diploma. “For second semester, I hope to graduate.” 

Once again, bringing in a fresh perspective, Lucas has high expectations for the new year. “I love second semester because it feels like playoffs in a way because exams are looming. Everyone is trying to get good scores, making sure that the kids get college credit and I really enjoy the thought provoking discussions in AP European History and AP Human Geography.” 

One thing we can draw from this is that if there was a low stress and high energy competition, the teachers would prevail against the students. 

From everyone here at Cape Fear News Network, we wish you all great, high-powered 2nd semester!