Elli Chew CFNN Reporter

Performing for the first time as a whole, The Cape Fear High School orchestra and the Mac Williams Middle School orchestra sent happy holidays to everyone on Monday, December 9th in the Cape Fear Auditorium. 

In this years winter show, all students from both the middle and high school showed passion in their performances. The students went in order from sixth grade to high school, ending the show playing “Believe” from Polar Express as a whole group. Cape Fear Orchestra Director, Geoffrey White and Mac Williams Orchestra Director Leigh Montague say that their students continuously work hard and spend many hours practicing to perform with accuracy and emotion.

The sixth graders from Mac Williams, under the conduction of Leigh Montague, played “ Good King’s Marching,” “Angels in the Halls,” and “Jazzy Old Saint Nick.” For being so young, they performed well and with ambition. Despite a few very minor hiccups in the performance, they finished strong and with conviction. It was definitely a solid performance from the young Mustang Orchestra.

The seventh graders from Mac Williams, once again under the conduction of Leigh Montague, played “German Christmas Carols.” In their performance they showed synchronicity and assurance in how they performed, as well as how they presented themselves. The group definitely performed well.

The eighth graders from Mac Willaims, also under conduction of Leigh Montague, played “A Torch Was Brought.” In their performance, the students flowed together showing confidence within themselves as well as  their abilities as a whole. 

The seventh and eighth graders came together to perform “Pastorale” and “Hallelujah Chorus.” Though there were some slight timing and bow movement issues, they played delightfully.

The high schoolers from Cape Fear, under the conduction of Geoffrey White, played “Deck the Hall of the Mountain King,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24.”  In this year’s show, certain students played electric instruments during some songs. Emily Rogers played the electric cello, Danielle Pilon the electric bass guitar and electric bass.In their performance they showed elegance and regality. 
To end the show, the middle and high school orchestra joined together in playing “Believe” from The Polar Express. The performance was melodious; as a whole group they showed passion in their performance. It was a truly outstanding.

It was a wonderful night for holiday music, and the musicians were fantastic. Well done!