Christian Guillory, Skylar Stanley, CFNN Reporters

Among all of the teachers here at Cape Fear High, English teacher Elizabeth Madyun stands out for her unique positive attitude. Known by students and teachers alike for her cheerful and friendly personality, Mrs. Madyun never fails to make your day a little bit brighter!

Although she has only been teaching here at Cape Fear for three years, she has already helped to make a tremendous impact on the Cape Fear Community. She makes it her top priority to help her students grow and develop as individuals. “As a teacher I want to motivate and encourage my students to become the best version of themselves that they can be.”  

She has not always been a part of the Cape Fear family however. Previously she taught at Terry Sanford High, but she now truly regards Cape Fear as her home.

From a young age Mrs. Madyun has aspired to be a teacher. Like most great teachers, Mrs. Madyun has the ability to truly connect with her students and help them grasp what she is teaching. She credits her awesome teaching ability to her patience and dedication to her students. “I have always been a very patient person and enjoy helping my students learn so that they can become better readers and writers.”

Mrs. Madyun is a very friendly teacher, which may just be the reason she is so well liked by her students. She can be seen in the hallways all the time interacting with both students and teachers. 

Her favorite part about being a teacher is that she can have a strong impact on her student’s future. “I love teaching because I am surrounded by the environment of the future. When I look at the faces of my students I see the next doctor, the next scientist, the next engineer. Knowing that I can be part of that is a truly amazing experience. I hope my students know that they can do anything they set their hearts on.”

Mrs. Madyun is more than just an English teacher, however; she prides herself on being a mother and a wife. Her husband is a police officer. She is also one of the two leaders of Cape Fear’s Diversity Student Union. She works alongside Coach McLaughlin to form a safe, comfortable space for students to express themselves when they might not have that safe haven elsewhere. 

Mrs. Madyun is truly one of the most dedicated teachers here at Cape Fear High. She is passionate about her job and loves helping her students. It is great to have someone like her here on campus. Hopefully she will continue to teach at Cape Fear for many more years to come!