By Eli Benbenek, CFNN Reporter

Have you been sitting in math class, and wondering what could possibly make it more interesting? Maybe you’ve wanted to make your calculator unique so that you never lose it. Have you walked around our school, considering the environment and wanting to do something to help? 

If any of these scenarios apply to you, then the fundraiser being held by the Environmental Club may be able to help! From January 13th to March 9th, you can get your calculator painted with any design you want to raise money for the club. 

Caitlin Smith prepares QR codes
to be posted around the school.

Club member Caitlin Smith told us that the money would be going toward purchasing several 96-gallon recycling bins in the cafeteria.

Emma Aquino, a member of the club, added that “The Environmental Club is also hoping to, with the profits from the calculator painting, maybe go to Surf City and save the turtles.” 

If perhaps you were confused about what “saving the turtles” might mean, you’re not alone! Thankfully, Emma explained how Surf City had a large number of baby sea turtles and said, “By going to Surf City during hatching, we would be able to participate in the said hatching of turtles and guiding them to their ocean habitats.”

If you’re skeptical about spending your money on the drive, then you might want to listen to what Angelina Nicolosi, the Environmental Club president, has to say on the matter. 

“If you’re interested, you should check out the Environmental Club Instagram page and see what some already look like. They’re pretty reasonably priced especially with the quality because we have some really talented artists working on them,” she said.

In case you were wondering just how you could get in on the event, all you need to do to get your calculator painted is go to this link, Here you can see some of the other designs that people have already gotten and in the bio you can find the link to the google forms to fill out your order form. 

Nicholas Aime and Angelina Nicolosi
work on the QR codes for the

Then it’s as simple as dropping off the calculator along with the money in an envelope to Mrs. Edmonds’ room. According to Angelina, “Our goal is to get everything back to people within 1-2 weeks but all of that depends on demand and how many things we have to do. And we will drop it off to you in your fourth period, but if you don’t have one we’ll drop it off in first, second, or third period.” 

With designs as cheap as $5, and paintings that look like they’re done by professionals, it’s probably a good idea to get your calculators in ASAP, before the club gets swamped with orders. 

While the drive goes until March, the club says that it hopes to eventually start painting water bottles if demand is high enough, and has high hopes for the drive. 

Angelina hopes that as more people buy them then more people will see the designs and want their own painted, and of course, the money is going to a good cause, so make sure you look into the drive before it’s too late!