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It was February 15th of 2019 when the Miss Cape Fear pageant was being held in the auditorium, and Elizabeth Buffaloe was overwhelmed with many emotions. She had done two pageants before this one, but she still felt very nervous and anxious waiting to be judged.

”My grandma told me that it was her dying wish to see me compete in the Ms. Cape Fear Pageant,” she said.

Being that this pageant was extremely important not only to her, but her grandmother as well, Elizabeth had to prepare extensively. “I walked in my shoes at home because I wasn’t used to walking in such high heels, and I practiced walking in my evening gown too,” stated Elizabeth.

Buffalo pauses for a head shot.

While this was a competition, there didn’t seem to be any negativity among the girls. “Everybody looked so beautiful, and we were all so supportive of each other, and being backstage with them just really calmed my nerves,” Elizabeth remembers.

While her grandma has had a significant impact on her life, Elizabeth also admires her mom and looked up to her as a role model. “She really showed me how to be a strong independent woman; she cares and loves people so much. I hope that I can be like her one day.” 

While her mom and grandma have been her biggest influencers, she also met some wonderful people in the pageant world. “Going to events representing Cape Fear, I’ve been able to meet other queens who have made a positive influence on my life.”

After all of her hard work, practice and influence, Elizabeth was finally able to claim the “Miss Cape Fear” crown. “Right when I heard my number called I was like ‘I’m not really for sure if that’s me’ but then I saw my parents and all my friends jump up in the air and I was like ‘oh my gosh that really is me!’ and it was really overwhelming, but exciting,” Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth is also an Honors Student at Cape Fear.

Although Elizabeth is very passionate about pageants, she does not plan to pursue any careers related to modeling or pageant. She plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

She will again be wearing her crown as Miss Cape Fear on when the next Miss Cape Fear Pageant is held.  It will be the last time she wears the crown, but she will always be Miss Cape Fear 2019.

Come cheer on the contestants as they compete to find out the next Miss Cape Fear on February 15, 2020!