Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

Cape Fear High School welcomes our new assistant principal, Mrs. Brooke Griffie!

“This is my first time being here at Cape Fear, and I am very excited,” said Griffie. Though she has no previous experiences with Cape Fear, Mrs. Griffie is already making a great impression on our school.

Mrs. Griffie graduated From Lees McRae College in Banner Elk, North Carolina with a bachelor’s in Theatre Education and a minor in English. She then got her master’s degree from the University of Phoenix. 

She is from Gastonia, North Carolina. Her family includes her husband, Dave Griffie, who is a college professor at Fayetteville State, and their son, Owen Griffie, who is currently eight years old. 

Both of her parents have dedicated 40 years to education, from elementary school all the way to high school. Her family strongly believes in the importance of education. 

This will be Mrs. Griffie’s 17th year in education. Throughout her career, she has taught mostly 7th grade English. She has taught a variety of subjects including art, dance, and drama. She has also done two years of academic coaching for middle school. This will be her fourth year as an assistant principal. 

Here at Cape Fear, Mrs. Griffie is in charge of 10th grade discipline. She is also in charge of buses and textbooks.

As assistant principal, Mrs. Griffie wishes to build relationships with students and encourage them to always strive for the best. She wants to pass on her knowledge and experience of what a good education will get them in the future. She also wishes to build strong relationships with teachers, and to improve academics at Cape Fear.

Mrs. Griffie is a very experienced individual who wishes to do her best as assistant principal. She comes from a family who believes that education is very important, and wishes to share that with other students. 

We welcome Mrs. Griffie as our new assistant principal, and we are so glad that she is now a part of the Cape Fear family!