Memorie Brooks, CFNN Reporter

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Quiz Bowl” before, and it’s probably somewhere deep in your mind. It’s a common thing for schools to have, but what exactly is it?

Quiz Bowl is a competition between students that’s very similar to the game Jeopardy. Students are asked a series of questions, which can range from Pop Culture, Science, History, Math, and other categories.

The first student to buzz in and answer the question correctly gets their team a point. The team with the most points then win the competition. 

Team members sit together
to discuss each topic for Quiz Bowl.

Quiz Bowl at Cape Fear was started by two teachers, Landon Smith and Devon Herron. Mr. Smith and Ms. Herron wanted to bring back something that hasn’t been at Cape Fear for years. That, of course, was Quiz Bowl.

Mr. Smith says that he participated in Quiz Bowl when he was in the 5th grade. He says that being a member of the Quiz Bowl team was fun and something he enjoyed doing. 

“I know that the fellowship that I formed with all the other students that were with me was something that lasted all the way through high school,” says Mr. Smith. 

Though it isn’t just Mr. Smith who enjoys Quiz Bowl. “Quiz Bowl is a fun learning experience,” says Shane Loftn. Shane was introduced to Quiz Bowl by Ms. Herron, who was his English teacher at the time. He says that during the meetings, you answer questions and get to talk to your friends. 

“Yes, because you have fun and learn new things,” says Jose Antonio when asked if he would suggest Quiz Bowl to other students. He too, was introduced to Quiz Bowl by Ms. Herron, and joined because he thought it was interesting and wanted to try it.

While at Quiz Bowl, students are expected to have fun and challenge themselves. They should be motivated by their own terms, and respect other people as well as the rules of the game.

Teacher Landon Smith discusses
questions for Quiz Bowl topics
with students.

Anyone can join Quiz Bowl if they’re interested. All you need to do is talk to Mr. Smith or Ms. Herron and they can sign you up for the team! Quiz Bowl meetings are on Wednesdays after school, and end at 4:30 PM.

Quiz Bowl is a great opportunity to be a part of a club here at Cape Fear. It’s also a good workout for your brain. It challenges you and gives you the opportunity to learn more about different topics you may have had no idea about! 

Quiz Bowl is a fun activity for students to do, and it can give something for students to look forward to in school. Put your everyday knowledge to the test and join the team!