Katie Walters, CFNN Editor/Reporter

Have you and your friend or partner ever dreamed of living on an island completely by yourselves? Then this just might be the job for you.

Great Blasket Island, off the coast of Ireland, needs two people, either a couple or best friends, to take on this special summer job. From April 1, 2020 to sometime in October 2020, the two of you will become management of Island Accommodations and the island’s Coffee Shop.

This job offer was posted on Twitter by Alice Hayes, who runs the island’s Twitter account, as well as handles the island’s website.

According to Great Blasket Island’s tweet, it’s a “unique position required,” and there is no doubt about that. There was no salary mentioned, but they did state that accommodations and food would be provided.

Great Blasket Island is the most well known of the seven Blasket islands, making it a nice tourist destination when visiting Ireland. Even though there are no permanent residents on the island, there are 3 vacation cottages open to book. 

A peaceful overview of Great Blasket Island.

While this seclusion may sound like a dream (or your worst nightmare), there is a catch. There are not many modern amenities on the island. This includes running hot water and electricity. Your only source of water comes from the ice-cold spring that runs off the mountain. 

According to CNN, “The water is fed by an island spring, and a wind turbine can generate enough electricity to charge a cell phone.” Whoever gets these jobs certainly has their work cut out for them. 

“It’s back to basics — fires, candles, stoves, wildlife, and nature,” Alice Hayes told RTE.

The island is known for its beauty and peaceful surroundings, but the rough terrain has caused much hesitation for permanent residents. According to Insider, “The largest number of people to live in the Blaskets was 160.”

Soon, this may not be the case anymore. They initially thought they would struggle to find anyone to apply at all, but after posting the job vacancy on January 10, Hayes and her partner, Billy O’Connor, have received over 24,000 applicants!

“If only we could get everyone who applied to stay for one night, we’d be fully booked for the next 30 years,” Hayes stated on Twitter. 

Last year’s caretakers, Lesley Kehoe and her partner Gordon Bond, decided not to come back for the 2020 season, but they cherished every moment on the island. From the serene environment to the life-changing experience, they are incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

Donkeys and visitors enjoy the Great Blasket
Island Cafe.

There are several obstacles that come with running an island on your own. Even though the island is secluded, Kehoe told CNN that, “it can receive ‘up to 400 visitors a day’.” 

This job would definitely be a challenge, but also a once in a lifetime opportunity. With the huge change in your lifestyle for 6 months, it would take two people with much courage and open-minds to tackle this job. Kehoe told BBC to make sure “they bring the person they get on with most in the world.” 

Now that you know the conditions, would you be up for an experience like this?

For more information, visit the Great Blasket Island website: https://www.greatblasketisland.net/