Some significant renovation behind Cape Fear.

Aoife Russian and Laniya Bell, CFNN Reporters

If you attend or have recently visited Cape Fear High School, you may have noticed some cracked, raised, or generally damaged parts of our brick and cement sidewalk in the courtyard, and in the rear of the school. 

The sidewalk under construction
in the courtyard.

There is good change happening here! Since the cracked and uneven sidewalks pose a risk for students and staff members to injure themselves on the damaged pavement, the county has made the decision to construct new parts of the sidewalk. 

The county surveyed all the schools in the school district and discovered our school was the most in need of construction. 

“The county surveyed all schools in the district, actually. They performed what is called a ‘trip and fall’ assessment to determine possible hazards on campuses. Two spots on our campus rated extremely high for a tripping hazard,” explained Cape Fear Principal Brian Edkins.

A Large section of sidewalk is now completed behind the school.

This project has been in the works for more than a year and has an estimated cost of $30,000. 

The damaged sidewalk was a safety hazard and was in critical need of repair. According to Edkins, “It’s more of a safety and health issue than it is a beautification project.” 

A section of the pavement is missing
in the back of the school as they
rebuild it.

This project will ensure safe practices around school and protect students from potential injury. After the new sidewalk is finished, Edkins said there are no future construction projects that he knows of. 

By early April, students, staff and visitors will finally be free to walk around campus safely without having to take a detour.

“A pleasant byproduct of this project is that it will, indeed beautify the campus. It definitely gives the entrances to our school a much cleaner, neater look. Just another example of good things going on at our school,” added Edkins.

This project will improve the terrain of Cape Fear’s campus for students, faculty and everyone who visits our school!