Kaley Autry and Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporters

Cape Fear High’s Student of the Week is Seth Williams! Seth is a 16 year old Junior here at Cape Fear who just so happens to also be a straight A student. 

Seth enjoys his days at Cape Fear.

Every morning Seth wakes up around 7:00 am, and he stays in bed for another 30 minutes to get as much rest as possible. Eventually, he hops out of bed and starts to get ready for the school day. 

Seth usually doesn’t eat breakfast, so he gets dressed and heads for the door. Once Seth is all set, he heads to school with his uncle, who is a senior here at Cape Fear, and begins his day.

That’s right, his uncle. The CFNN Staff was shocked to find out that Seth’s UNCLE is a senior here at Cape Fear! His name is Clay Davis and he is 18 years old. Seth explained to us that his uncle is his step mom’s brother and that they’re not actually blood-related. Not everyone gets to attend school with his uncle. Just another thing that makes Seth an interesting student.

Seth’s first class of the day is American History 1 with Mrs. Casianos. After that he heads to English 4, then Spanish 2 with Mrs. Lucas. He looks forward to this class because he gets to go to lunch during this period. Finally Seth heads to his favorite class of the day, Foods and Nutrition 2 with Mrs. Garrison. 

When asked why it’s his favorite class Seth replied, “I enjoy it because it’s a pretty easy class, and I also have a lot of fun.” Seth also enjoys this class because he loves to cook and is interested in becoming a baker one day.

Seth is a hard worker and straight A student.

After school Seth takes a ride home on the bus. Seth does not participate in any clubs or extracurricular activities. When asked what he likes to do in his spare time, he said, “I like video games, playing the guitar, and sometimes I even kickbox.”

He is able to play a few songs on his guitar and is eager to learn more. He uses YouTube to learn songs. The video games that he enjoys the most are Call of Duty and Mortal Kombat. He does not watch a lot of TV, but he does enjoy watching cooking videos.

For dinner, he hopes he’ll be having Mac and Cheese because it is his favorite food. After dinner, Seth usually goes back to his room after, but every once in a while him and his family will have a family game night!

Seth lives with his dad, step-mom, and three of his nine siblings. He enjoys hanging out with his step brother because they are very alike and have a lot of fun together.

Seth is interested in becoming a baker. After he graduates high school, he hopes to someday open up his own bakery. He enjoys cooking, and some of his favorite things to bake are cookies and brownies. Everything he makes is made from scratch. 

After high school, Seth would like to attend either Johnson and Wales University in Charlotte or Culinary Institute of America in New York. Seth’s determination to become a baker, as well as his outstanding grades make him a great choice for our student of the week!