Kaley Autry, CFNN Reporter

Most of the students at Cape Fear have heard of the Nursing Fundamentals program, but are they aware of all that goes into it? We recently caught up with Mrs. Donna Allen, a health teacher here at Cape Fear, to get some insight on what the program is all about. 

Mrs. Allen worked as a Registered Nurse for 10 years until she came to Cape Fear to teach the Nursing program.

Nursing Fundamentals is an add on to the Health Science classes. In order to participate in the program you first have to complete Health Science 1 and 2, then submit an application with three teacher recommendations. 

Nursing Fundamentals students.

Mrs. Allen states, “The reason we have them do this is because a lot of the time students don’t take this course seriously and they are not very committed to the program.”

In Nursing Fundamentals, you learn how to be a Nursing Assistant. This requires you to know how to prepare beds for patients, give bed baths, take a patient’s blood pressure and how to provide basic care. 

Before the students can work with real patients they have a lot of learning to do. To prepare them for this they complete a ton of bookwork and practice with mannequins.

There is a lot of hard work that goes into this, but once they are through the book work, they finally head to the nursing homes to work with real patients.

Mannequins that are used to
simulate patients.

The Nursing Fundamentals students go to the nursing home Monday through Thursday for three hours each day. They have to earn a total of 65 clinical hours by the end of the program. Through this course, students can earn their CNA 1. 

Certified Nursing Assistants provide hands-on care to patients in a medical setting that help with bathing, dressing and basic daily activities. In order for this to happen they must take a state test, this includes a written test as well as a skills test. There are five essential skills that they must know in order to pass.

If you are interested in going into the medical field this course will definitely benefit you! Most colleges prefer nursing students to already have their CNA before they begin taking classes there. This makes the Nursing Fundamentals Course an absolute MUST for prospective Nursing students.

Through this course, students will end with much knowledge about patient care, but also a great real-life experience that will stick with them through the rest of their career.