Jackie Johnson and her students
dressed up for Decade/Tacky Day.

Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporter

Spirit Week is a time for students to get out of their comfort zone. Through crazy outfits for specific days, the entire school is filled with excited students dressing up for the week. It should be a time of the year that every student looks forward to, but why does it only seem like a regular week here at Cape Fear?

Vinitcio and Isaiah dressed for
Tacky Day.

The number of people who dress up is plummeting. Monday was “Pajama” and “Disney” Day, and only about one out of every three people were dressed up after a look-in of first-period classes. Approximately the same number participated on Tuesday’s “Camo Day,” meaning participation is coming in at 33%.

On Wednesday, the numbers stayed about the same for “College Day,” although possibly going up a little bit. 

Thursday, things took a turn for the better. Instead of the numbers remaining static for participation, many more students put flowers in their hair, donned their bell-bottoms or tight-rolled their jeans for “Decade Day!”

On Friday the numbers grew a little because it was pink and school colors day, but not everyone was dressed up. Everyone could dress up and should dress up on this day right?

Alexis Fowler dressed
for Decade Day.

In elementary school, almost everyone dressed up. When students dressed up as a character from their favorite book, it always seemed like the entire student body wore something to represent their favorite character. Why was it so different that younger students happily represented their favorite characters?

It seems that as students age, the number of people who participate in these themed days decreases. The same thing is now happening in high school. People believe it’s below them. 

But in reality, what is Spirit Week really for? Yes, it is to show school spirit, but isn’t there more to it?

Jadah Mardre also
dressed up for Decade Day.

Spirit week should be a week where everyone can come out of their shell. People should be able to dress up as what society thinks is “weird” or “strange” and not be judged for it. This is the week that people should not be afraid to express themselves. 

That’s why the amount of people participating dropping is awful. The people who do like Spirit Week see it as a way to not be judged, and they may start to be hesitant to participate if only a few people do. 

Another student who
participated in Decade Day.

One of the problems could be that people just don’t care about having fun or showing spirit in school if it messes with their image. 

It is the job of the students to ensure that Spirit Week never loses interest. Society’s standards and ideas of what is cool or what it takes to be popular are totally irrelevant during Spirit Week! You can help by participating! 

This is the week to dress up different than you usually do, and have fun while others do it. It’s the week to be you and to support your school!