Kaley Autry and Alexis Fowler, CFNN Reporters

Sixteen-year-old Seth Jackson is a baseball player, TikToker and Cape Fear’s student of the week! On a typical school day, Seth wakes up at about 7:00 AM. 

His first class of the day is Law and Justice I with Mr. Black, after this, he heads to American History I. Seth then goes to his favorite class of the day, Advanced Physical Education. Seth stated, “I like this class because it’s pretty easy and I get to be active.” To finish his school day Seth heads to his last class of the day, Earth and Environmental Science with Mrs. Spry.

When asked what his favorite thing to do was, he said baseball. Seth plays shortstop for our team here at Cape Fear. He also plays travel ball during the summer. He really enjoys travel ball because he gets to travel with his team. He has practiced almost every day.  When asked about his daily routine Seth stated, “I go to school, then baseball practice, and then go home.” 

Baseball is not only something he likes to do, he also enjoys watching baseball. When asked about his favorite movie, he said, “My favorite movie would probably have to be Rookie of the Year.”

Seth has a passion for baseball and hopes to one day play for UNC. He also has a backup plan just in case baseball does not work out, which is to become a lawyer. His greatest life experience was making playoffs with his baseball team last year. He was on our school’s varsity team during his freshman year and hopes to be on it again this upcoming season.

Seth lives with his mom and dad. He also has two sisters, one older and one younger. They just recently got a new puppy named Harper, a 6-month-old Pitbull.

Seth really enjoys making and watching TikToks and he just so happens to have over 20,000 followers! One of his videos got just over 300,000 views and almost 60,000 likes.

Seth also has a secret talent that not many people have, which is juggling. Seth likes all genres of music and doesn’t really have a favorite color. His favorite food is chicken, and his favorite restaurant is MiCasita.

We were so excited for Seth to be Cape Fear’s student of the week! Watch out for Cape Fear’s next student of the week to learn more about your peers and why they love it here at our school.